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Yur Mine
Yur Mine
Location Southwestern hemisphere
First appearance Pandemonium
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Village of the Doomed map
I wish to get very small. No bigger than a mouse. Do you know how I might do that?
Alice Liddell to Mayor Elder[1]

Yur Mine was a mining area where Alice Liddell met Mayor Elder. She asked the Mayor's help in getting small to chase the White Rabbit.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice arrived at Pandemonium and found the Mayor near the Yur Mine entrance. He tasked her of retrieving the skull key located in the Card Guards' compound near the mine. After he disappeared, Alice went inside the mine and used a mine cart to travel to the compound. She was able to get off the cart before it plunged into the acidic water at the end of the tracks and went into the compound to take the key. Once she got the key, she used the portal to go back near the mine and followed the Mayor into another portal.


The mine had various Torch Gnomes working inside and a rail track for the carts. The mine was unstable since huge chunk of rocks fell and destroyed some parts of the track during Alice's cart ride. The rail tracks also had a dead end with no barricades and instead led to the acidic water below. After Alice retrieved the key and went through the portal to go back near the mine, the entrance was already blocked off by a huge boulder.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Mayor Elder
  • Torch Gnomes