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Wonderland Woods
Wonderland Woods
Location Western hemisphere
First appearance Dry Landing
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Wonderland Woods map
Obscure allusions to chess are fine, but it troubles me that anonymous oracles know more of my business than I do.
Alice Liddell to the Oracle[1]

Wonderland Woods was the fourth area that Alice Liddell visited on her journey to defeat the Queen of Hearts. It was notably the largest area in Wonderland, despite the fact Alice was miniscule while traveling the area.


American McGee's Alice[]

As Alice shrunk to a miniscule size during Skool Daze,[2] she found herself traveling across a large area of land. She witnessed the full extent of the Queen's rule and even the smallest of bugs had resorted to becoming her slaves. Alice continued to fight similar enemies that she encountered in the Vale of Tears, and found Caterpillar.[1]

It was not until the final section of the Woods that Alice had to defeat the Voracious Centipede, as well as once and for all regain her natural size after consuming the Mushroom of Life that turned out to be a toadstool.[3]


The Wonderland Woods was damp and foggy, with little streams of water – that seemed like large waterfalls to Alice's shrunken size – around every corner. Mushroom and fungi, which either helped Alice get by or prevented her from continuing, were rampant around the domain.


Wonderland Woods had seven different sections:

Residents and creatures[]


  • The area had some toy-related themes, as evidenced by a Nutcracker figurine seen just before the Voracious Centipede boss-fight.
  • The old EA website for American McGee's Alice refers to the Wonderland Woods as Mushroom Forest.[4]


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