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Wilton J. Radcliffe
Wilton Radcliffe
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The undiscovered guilty and the wronged innocent share similar fates. Prisons and chains have many forms.
— Wilton J. Radcliffe[2]

Wilton J. Radcliffe is the Liddell family lawyer. He is unmarried and formerly an Oxford magistrate and Arthur Liddell's solicitor.[3] He was likely to have played chess with Alice Liddell before the fire and had also shown interest in her inheritance.


Early life

Radcliffe's parents perished in the Sepoy Rebellion after Foreign Office postings in Tokyo, Shanghai. As remembrance of his parents, he kept mementos of their lives in the Orient.[3]

Alice: Madness Returns

Radcliffe can be heard in Alice's collectable Memories.

Radcliffe in possession of Alice's doll

Radcliffe holding Alice's stuffed rabbit.

Radcliffe had taken possession of Alice's stuffed rabbit which seemed quite strange for a man of his wealth status to want to possess an old toy.

Alice paid him a visit at his house after learning from Nan Sharpe that Radcliffe took her stuffed rabbit. When Radcliffe suggested Alice had a much larger role in the deaths of her family, she had a psychotic episode.[4]

Alice grabs at Wilson's coroner report, dislodges it, and it falls from his hand. The report falls into the fireplace and seems to explode. After two beats (fear and trembling), Alice in her maddened rage, approaches and pushes him; he falls and cuts his head on the desk edge. She looks incredulous, spacey. She seems to “black” out.
Alice: Madness Returns chapter 3 script[5]

When Alice awakens, it is implied that he had either become destitute or simply left London, as his house was replaced with an abandoned hovel after his conversation with Alice. Radcliffe's and the stuffed rabbit's fate were left unknown as no other evidence supplied a reason for their disappearance.[6] However, as Alice is still hallucinating around this time, it is possible his house was left intact, and his abandoned house is merely a projection of Alice's desires, as if she wishes Radcliffe could know her plight and what it is like to lose one's home and physical possessions.

Radcliffe appeared to Alice during her hallucination of Rutledge Asylum. He told her he thought of her as "unstable" and "violent", and that he isn't surprised she has been incarcerated at the asylum again.


Radcliffe writing in his office

Radcliffe writing on his desk.

Radcliffe is a miser and is concerned with matters that will benefit his clients for the sole reason that it will ultimately benefit him. After the fire incident, Radcliffe represented Alice Liddell during her trials as she was the suspect of killing the Liddell family. To begin with, he believed she was innocent, but he eventually changed his mind with her fixation on the fire and also how Alice had fits of rage whenever he explained it was Dinah who knocked over a lamp which burned the house to the ground.

Radcliffe is far more concerned with what is right for him in particular than true notions of right and wrong. He even tried to coerce Alice to move to Australia to start a simple farmer's life, while he get to liquidate all her assets for himself. Another memory shows him trying to convince Alice to use her inheritance to buy fancy marble memorials for her family from a mason of his acquaintance, implying that he planned to make some sort of commission from it.[2]


  • Nan Sharpe comments "Radcliffe paid me for a bit" before saying, "A woman alone sometimes does what she doesn't particularly feel like doing... as you know" implying that Radcliffe was one of her special visitors.


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