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Will bar

Strength of Will, also called will or willpower, is a blue bar on the right side of the screen that represents Alice Liddell's ability to use most of her weapons. While some weapons consume a small amount, other weapons can eat up her entire supply. Once Alice has drained her willpower, she can no longer use the majority of her weapons until it is restored. During this state, she can only use or throw the Vorpal Blade or swing the Croquet Mallet as these do not require willpower.

Restoration methods[]

  • Willpower can be restored by absorbing Meta-Essence or vials of will.
  • Willpower is completely restored if Alice picks up a new weapon.
  • Willpower can regenerate over time in the easy and medium difficulty levels.

Types of vials[]

Will small · Will large
  • Small will vial – Restores a small amount of Alice's will.
  • Large will vial – Restores a medium amount of Alice's will.