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Wholly Moral Ground
Wholly Moral Ground - Mock Turtle
Location Southwestern hemisphere
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series American McGee's Alice
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Previous Just Desserts
Turtle's bubbles are like words to a prophet.
Cheshire Cat

Wholly Moral Ground was the fourth and final section of the Vale of Tears. It took place underwater, and resulted in Alice achieving honorary reptile status.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice was told to stay close to the Mock Turtle while underwater as the bubbles he breathed gave her enough air until they get to dry land. She had to follow him closely while avoiding obstacles, such as Snarks and vents, in her way. After successfully arriving to dry land, the Mock Turtle rewarded her for her excellent skill and diligence and gave her a shell similar to his own that made her able to breathe underwater for prolonged periods of time.


Wholly Moral Ground - Exit

The ruins submerged in water.

Wholly Moral Ground was completely drowned in water where seaweed and fish delicately lived their lives. The area was rocky and there were some ruins every so often. The seabed was covered in soft sand where clams and small air vents laid themselves. Snarks roamed quite freely, attacking Alice when they saw the opportunity. The area had a ceiling of solid rock so no light shined through the water.

Many of the ruins within the grounds were totally engulfed by the deep water and were falling apart. Most of them were slowly corroding and some of it fell near Alice and endangered her.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Snark


  • Human remains can be found in the depths of the level hiding Meta-Essence in a treasure chest.