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White Rabbit
AMR Rabbit render
Biographical information
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Skin color Light gray
Skin type Fur
Personal information
Allies Alice Liddell
Enemies Queen of Hearts
Occupation Servant of Queen of Hearts (formerly)
Further information
Voiced by Andrew Chaikin [AMA][1]
Roger L. Jackson [AMR]
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Something wrong? Raaaaaather...
— White Rabbit in Alice's revisit[2]

The White Rabbit was responsible for sending Alice Liddell down his rabbit-hole and back to Wonderland.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland[]

White Rabbit looking at his watch

The White Rabbit looking at his watch.

The White Rabbit was always late for a very important date. Alice followed him down the rabbit hole into the amazing world of Wonderland, where he encountered Alice the first time in The Room of Doors. Alice had already eaten an Eat Me cake, grown taller, and frightened Rabbit, causing him to leave behind his fan and gloves.

Later, Alice met the Rabbit again, only to have him mistook her as his maid, Mary-Ann. He ordered her to find him a new set of gloves and fan. As he returned to his home, he saw a giant pair of arms and legs sticking out of his house, which belonged to poor Alice, as she ate something that caused her to grow huge again. Rabbit and other animals sent Bill McGill down the chimney, but it did not work. Rabbit suggested that they burn the house down and throw rocks into one of the windows to hurt Alice.

They turned into little cakes as Alice ate one and shrunk down to a small size and escaped the White Rabbit's house. Later on, the White Rabbit is seen again at the Queen of Hearts' garden at the croquet match, and in the trial of the Knave of Hearts, who announced the case and called in the witnesses.

American McGee's Alice[]

The White Rabbit was drinking tea with Alice and the others at the Mad Tea Party. When the fire broke out, Rabbit panicked and told everyone that Alice must be awoken in order to survive. In desperation, the Mad Hatter called out her name, waking her up for her to escape the horrible blaze.[4]

Rabbit's death

Alice mourning Rabbit's death.

When Alice was chasing him in the Village of the Doomed, he shrunk and went through a hole. Alice followed him by shrinking herself with a hand-made potion shortly after.[3]

They met again in the Wonderland Woods, where he told her to find Caterpillar. He was killed by the Mad Hatter afterwards due to being crushed flat under the Hatter's foot.[5] The White Rabbit was revived when Alice regained her sanity after the death of the Queen of Hearts.[6]

Alice: Madness Returns[]


Rabbit bleeding a fountain on Alice.

The White Rabbit was seen sailing along a river with Alice during her hypnosis therapy with Angus Bumby. Alice and Rabbit were having tea on a giant leaf. However, he stared at her in silence and his head began to twitch. Alice asked him if he was mad, and he replied, "Something wrong? Raaaaaather..." Rabbit began to bleed at the mouth, his left eye popped out of its socket, and eventually his head exploded altogether, bleeding a fountain on Alice's horrified face. It started the trigger of events that showed Wonderland had became polluted by Alice's insanity once again.[2]

Alice saw him again later as the host of Battle or Survival Radula Rooms, along with the Mad Hatter, where he told her to hurry to the Infernal Train after completing the challenge. However, Rabbit's status remained unknown, as his appearance in the Radula Room either meant that he was revived after his head exploded, or Alice was simply visiting him in some realm of the dead.


The White Rabbit had a gray coat of fur and was normally seen on his hind legs, however, when he ran it was proceeded with all four paws. He wore a black top hat with a red base, a white collar shirt with a purple neck tie under a gold vest under his red tailcoat, black fingerless gloves that displayed his claws along with white leg braces with black buttons. He was also frequently seen carrying his pocket watch.

He was quite mangy in appearance, with his whiskers being bent out of shape and his teeth became a revolting yellow color. His eyes tended to "pop," being large and twitchy, similar to Alice's large eyes.


The White Rabbit appeared to be a mature creature who did not approve of Alice's late arrivals and followings. His personality was akin to his role in the original novel and appears to be slightly unharmed by Wonderland's insanity. One characteristic of the White Rabbit that had not changed was his constant effort of punctuality, and he still always seemed to be two steps ahead of Alice. Alice describes him as, "A frantic, harried creature; he's manic and occasionally aggressive."

Powers and abilities[]

The White Rabbit did not appear to have many supernatural abilities, however, he appeared to be able to complete tasks much quicker and easier than Alice, such as shrinking and getting past enemies throughout Wonderland.


  • Three toys of the White Rabbit were made to promote American McGee's Alice: one that greatly resembled him but has a large tea cup with skulls and cross bones along the rim and his watch was fully numbered instead of being hashes; another that has him in a black coat instead of red; and lastly, the Black Rabbit wherein his fur is black, his top coat and top hat are gray, his watch has a skull and cross bones, and his eyes are solid white.
  • The White Rabbit seemed to be the Wonderland equivalent of Alice's rabbit doll that survived the fire with her. A part of Alice's psyche, the White Rabbit may be an incarnation of Alice's childhood innocence. His death at the beginning of Madness Returns is a direct effect of Bumby's therapy sessions and Alice's denial of what he is doing to the orphans under his care; thanks to Bumby, Alice's childhood and her mental purity are now fully dead.
  • The beta of Alice showed that the White Rabbit was considerably larger than Alice, when in-game, she was around the same size as him.
  • In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it is specified that the White Rabbit has pink eyes. In the games, he has light grey eyes.
Rabbit watch

Rabbit with a 13 o' clock watch.

  • In Madness Returns, Alice can find a doll of him in the Dollhouse. It is hanging from a chain-noose tied to the rafters, and his clock has a 13 o' clock on it. Below him is a table with desserts contaminated by insects.[7] Fittingly, in keeping with Bumby's abuse and corruption of Alice's mind resulting in the White Rabbit's death, a Bumby Memory is found near the table.
  • Originally, he was going to be seen in Wonderland in Madness Returns, but for whatever reason, his part had been scrapped.[8] The White Rabbit was originally set to guide Alice through the Vale of Tears, and was originally meant to be met at the beginning rather than the Cheshire Cat. The White Rabbit would have played a more active role in the game, telling Alice what to do, and even telling her to run from the police at one point. His role seemed to have been given to the Cheshire Cat instead, and Rabbit only has a minor appearance in the final version.
  • The White Rabbit in Madness Returns was going to carry a pocketwatch with a 13 o' clock, but this pocketwatch never appears in the final version, except for the doll in the Dollhouse. A model ripped of him from the game also shows it.
  • Alice can wear a dress based on Rabbit as DLC in Madness Returns.


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