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White Pawn
White Pawn
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Provenance Wonderland
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Gender Male
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Allies Alice Liddell, White chess pieces
Enemies Red chess pieces
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White Pawns are the lowest ranking chess pieces in the Pale Realm. The White Pawns are the weakest types of chess pieces. They have only one attack, a melee attack in the form of a headbutt, and have one of the shortest ranges of all the different pieces. They are, however, identical to their enemy counterparts.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice saw a White Pawn when she arrived in Pale Realm. When she ventured towards him, he wandered away before she can reach him. She eventually encountered him in a corridor, being threatened by a Red Knight.[1]

After the White Queen was abducted, the White King made a bargain with Alice and gave her a White Pawn for her to deliver it to the red side of the Pale Realm.[2] With the Red King defeated, Alice delivered the White Pawn and a new Queen was created from it.[3]


They are white in color with marble texture and the smallest of the chess pieces. They have a round head with only one eye and a mouth. They lack noses and have two small arms on their body.


  • The White and Red Pawns and the Red King were the only chess pieces who never made an appearance in Alice: Madness Returns.