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White Knight
Decayed White Knight
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Provenance Wonderland
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Gender Male
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Allies Alice Liddell, White chess pieces
Enemies Red chess pieces
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The White Knights were part of the White chess pieces who aided Alice Liddell in her journey in the Looking Glass Land and were capable of moving in an L-shaped manner.


Through the Looking-Glass[]

Alice with the White Knight

Alice with the White Knight.

One White Knight helped Alice from his opponent, the Red Knight. He repeatedly falls off his horse and lands on his head, and tells Alice of his inventions, which consists of things such as a pudding with ingredients like blotting paper, an upside down container, and anklets to guard his horse against shark bites. He recites a poem of his own composition, 'A-Sitting on a Gate', (but the song's name is called 'Haddocks' Eyes') and he and Alice depart.

American McGee's Alice[]

The White Knights serve little story role, other than aiding Alice.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

The White Knights appeared as decaying statues in the courtyard of the entrance of the Heart Palace,[1] and in the Majestic Maze.[2]


American McGee's Alice[]

The White Knights were depicted as regular knight chess pieces. They had a horse's head upon a human-like torso. Their skin was gray while some of it was shielded by silver armor, specifically the forehead, nose, most of the torso and back. Their legs were replaced by a silver stump, which was in the shape of a typical chess base, and their eyes were blank and white. The Knights also wielded a shield with a dragon-like figure on it in their right hand, and a thin, tall silver sword in the other.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

The decaying statues of White Knights were in a darker cream shade from their mane to their stump and garbed with upper body knight armor and only possessed a sword for their attack.


  • While White Knights appeared in American McGee's Alice, none have been specific characters as such as being the White Knight in Through the Looking-Glass. However, an original illustration of the knight may have been the basis of the design for the chess knights of the game.


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