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White Bishop

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The White Bishops, similar to other White chess pieces, helped Alice throughout her journey by eliminating Red chess pieces where applicable. They were capable of moving diagonally on the chess board.


American McGee's Alice

After Alice arrived in Pale Realm, she encountered a White Bishop that she transformed into, which enabled her to move across the area the chess piece was initially blocking.[1]

Alice: Madness Returns

The White Bishops appeared as decaying statues in the courtyard of the entrance of the Heart Palace,[2] and in the Majestic Maze.[3]


American McGee's Alice

The White Bishops wore a white cassock with two black stripes at the cuffs and white mitre with a dark silver design along its center and bottom part. They wield a black curved staff for their attacks.

Alice: Madness Returns

The decayed statues of the White Bishops were shown to wear a white dalmatic and different white mitre, and have a white pointed staff.


  • It is unknown whether Alice gains the attack moves of the character as she can only move in steps of three in order to navigate her way through the following area. She has no need to use attacks and therefore attacks are not enabled.


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