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Weapons are a type of item which Alice constantly wields on her journey through Wonderland. Their use is to cause damage to the foes that attempt to stop Alice on her journey to the final stages of both American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. There is a variety of fifteen weapons, some offensive and some defensive - but all have one goal, which is to aim to destroy Alice's current opponent.

In American McGee's Alice, Alice's weapons are based on toys and are officially referred to as "toys" rather than weapons, however, only five out of her nine weapons, excluding power-ups, are actually toys.

In Alice: Madness Returns, her weapons are almost never referred to as toys. Only two of her weapons out of six, however, are actually toys.

American McGee's Alice[]

Vorpal Blade[]

Alice’s basic weapon uses up no Will, but saves her Sanity. In Primary mode it’s for slashing up close; in Alternate mode it’s a throwing knife for distance attacks.

The Vorpal Blade is Alice's primary and signature weapon. Based upon the poem "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, it serves as Alice's primary weapon in defeating the Jabberwock and is primarily used in the first section of the Village of the Doomed, Dementia.

The default key for the Vorpal Blade is 1.

Playing Cards[]

The cards cut down Alice’s foes using the Primary stream attack or the Alternate blast attack.

The Playing Cards are Alice's second weapon which she encounters in American McGee's Alice. They have one primary attack Alice can use, which is to lock and on launch them manually at a foe. They are primarily useful against the first waves of Card Guards found in Pandemonium.

The default key for the Playing Cards is 2.

Croquet Mallet[]

Alice can pound enemies using the Primary Attack or launch a fiery Croquet Ball with the Alternate Attack.

The Croquet Mallet is a croquet mallet used to whack and injure oncoming enemies that Alice may face. Similar to the shape of a blue, dead flamingo, it references the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

The default key for the Croquet Mallet is 3.


The Primary attack for this weapon is, well, a bomb. Toss it, and after a short delay, it will explode. The Alternate attack sends a fiery stream toward nearby enemies.

The Jackbomb is found just before the fight between Alice and the Duchess. Once collected, the fight will take place in Bill McGill's house during Just Desserts. It is a jack in the box, fully loaded with explosives and other fire messes that Alice would not like to clean up.

The default key for the Jackbomb is 4.

Ice Wand[]

The Primary attack freezes Alice’s enemies with ice-cold streams of death. The Alternate Attack, an ice wall, can be a very cool asset against insistent attackers.

The Ice Wand is an ice-based weapon which can help Alice in both offensive and defensive attacks. It is found during the Icy Reception section of the Wonderland Woods and is extremely useful in the fight against the Voracious Centipede.

The default key for the Ice Wand is 5.


These “toys” are deadly and efficient in either the Primary stream attack or the Alternate blast attack.

Jacks are another toy-based weapon found in American McGee's Alice. They are incredibly bouncy and magnetic, making them great for long-ranged attacks against many different types of enemies. Unlike the formal type of Jacks, these Jacks are spiked, causing extra damage upon contact.

The default key for the Jacks is 6.

Demon Dice[]

As every gambler knows, there’s risk in every toss of the dice. Throw these to spawn a Demon to assist you in the fight. But don’t play alone! There is no Alternate Attack for this weapon.

The Demon Dice are one of the most powerful weapons Alice can obtain when used correctly and is the only weapon which is available for upgrade in American McGee's Alice. When Alice rolls a six, prepare to run as a demon will spawn attacking enemies for Alice. The more it upgrades, the better the demon. Be careful, however. If Alice rolls the dice alone she my find herself in danger...

The default key for the Demon Dice is 7.

Jabberwock's Eye Staff[]

Alice needs to collect the widely scattered pieces of the Eyestaff to see what destruction it can create.

The Jabberwock's Eye Staff was created from several different pieces, all worth less than the lifeless body of a gnat. However, when combined with the addition of the Jabberwock's forceful removed eye comes a staff more powerful than the majority of in-game weapons combines. Watch out, though. The Jabberwock finds his eyes precious.

The default key for the Eye Staff is 8.


This weapon is a secret. A big, nasty, awesome secret.

The Blunderbuss is Alice's final weapon in the game and above all if Alice's strongest. One shot and Alice's entire storage of Will is demolished. It is a secret weapon which can only be found in two places throughout the game - both places are hidden carefully to ensure Alice has a hard time attempting to locate it.

The default key for the Blunderbuss is 9.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Vorpal Blade[]

The Vorpal Blade returns as one of Alice's weapons. It was the first weapon she found in the Vale of Tears and was lodged into the skeleton of the Jabberwock. Unlike the Vorpal Blade in American McGee's Alice, Alice cannot throw the weapon but can only slash her enemies with it.

Pepper Grinder[]

The Pepper Grinder is the second of Alice's primary weapons and the first long-ranged weapon, which was originally wielded by the Duchess in American McGee's Alice. However, the Duchess gave it to Alice to pepper Snouts with for her. Although that was its primary use, Alice found a better use for it in the disposal of foes.

Hobby Horse[]

The Hobby Horse is the third of Alice's primary weapons. It is a short-ranged melee item which is used in a ways similar to Alice swinging around an oversized hammer. It is useful for larger foes with more complex defenses, but also works neatly on smaller enemies.

Teapot Cannon[]

The Teapot Cannon is the fourth of Alice's primary weapons and second long-ranged weapon. It is a heavy-duty weapon which requires both of Alice's hands to hold up firmly. It is powerful and with one strike knocks enemies back while reducing itself to half of its tea-baring capacity, and once shot again it burns out completely.

Clockwork Bomb[]

The Clockwork Bomb is one of Alice's more casual weapons, rarely used for fighting enemies and more used for solving puzzles which include blocked-up door ways. It is a rabbit-shaped doll stuffed with explosives rather than fluffy interiors. Once it bursts, it creates a mass explosion of pretty colors and shapes.


The Umbrella is Alice's only and primary defensive weapon. It was first found in the Hatter's Domain where upon collection, Alice must battle a Menacing Ruin, where the Umbrella becomes particularly handy as it deflects the enemy's projectiles.

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