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Wand melee

The Wand was an unreleased weapon intended to be equipped by Alice Liddell throughout her journey in Wonderland. It was one of several weapon concepts based upon tarot and takes the color of green/light blue when equipped.


The Wand produced massive bursts of ice and cold when used, and it had both melee and ranged modes. The color of the attack changed between the modes, being green in melee and light blue in ranged.[1]


Wand dress

The light blue Wand dress.

The Wand was a mixture of icy blue and green mellow tones. It was similar to the appearance of the Jabberwock's Eye Staff and similar to the power of the Ice Wand.

When equipped, the Wand turned Alice's Classic blue ensemble to an extremely light blue and green dress which reflected on the ice that the wand produces.


  • Initially, these weapons were planned to make an appearance in-game as they had models and animations (which now cannot be found in the game files). They were cut, but the Fire Whip was shown in the beta trailer, which sparked a lot of controversy.
  • The Wand was one of the four weapons and dresses which were in the original line-up. The others being the Classic dress, the Cup and the Hammer.
  • The wand may be a revamp of the Ice Wand or even possibly a weapon such as the Jabberwock's Eye Staff.
  • It possibly could have been obtained in the Tundraful instead of the Hobby Horse.


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