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Provenance Wonderland
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Gender Male
Skin color Gray
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Allies Carpenter
Occupation Actor (formerly)
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Voiced by Charles Meyer[1]
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Time to eat. Death is the ultimate equalizer. All have the right to be eaten.
— Walrus[2]

The Walrus was a selfish glutton who resided in the Dreary Lane Theatre with the Carpenter in Deluded Depths. He was part of the cast in the Carpenter's play, Totentanz.


Through the Looking-Glass[]

Briny Beach

The Carpenter and Walrus on a beach.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee recited a poem about a Walrus and a Carpenter who wept over the beach being far too sandy. He and the Carpenter enticed a group of Oyster Starlets by four, and eventually devoured them all. Alice came to the conclusion of the tale that the two characters were just as bad as each other: the Walrus ate more than the Carpenter but showed remorse; but the Carpenter ate as many as he possibly could.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Carpenter speaking to Alice

The Walrus sleeping while Alice was speaking to the Carpenter.

After crash landing into the Deluded Depths on the HMS Gryphon,[3] the Mock Turtle gave Alice a ticket to Carpenter's show, Totentanz.[4] When she arrived at Dreary Lane Theater, the Walrus was seen sleeping on the stage and it was obvious that the show was far from ready. The Carpenter sent Alice out on various errands: fetching the script from the Octopus, helping the Music Fish, and waking up the Oyster Starlets.[5]

When Alice was done with her work and set off back to the theater, the Carpenter and Walrus broke the bridge, stopping her from getting back. It became clear to her that the two showmen had a more sinister goal in mind for their show, and Carpenter had just used Alice to get jobs done and have her out of the way. Although Alice was disappointed in Carpenter for breaking his promise, he told her he had no choice before leaving her in the graveyard of the Drowned Sailors.[6]

Walrus sitting on the main Oyster Starlet

Walrus performing his act.

She made it back just in time before the show began. During the show itself, the Walrus made his entrance by dressing as the Grim Reaper, landing on the star and started to recite his poem about everyone being bound to die and using it as a means to eat all the Oysters and fish within the room. As he gorged on what was left, the Infernal Train crashed into the theatre, presumably killing him and the Carpenter.[2]


Walrus telling his poem

Walrus in his poem.

"Time? Time? The time has come to talk of ships and, and, and vegetables and royalty and, and, and, whether pigs have wings... and so on."
— Walrus[6]

The Walrus was a gluttonous, foul creature who was extremely self-centered, and even disobeyed the Carpenter at times. Although he spoke wisdom in small amounts, it was overthrown by his desire to eat.

When he first appeared in the Dreary Lane Theatre, the Walrus just slept onstage during his, the Carpenter, and Alice's reunion, suggesting that his laziness. However, he paid attention to his role in the show and considered himself to be "without prejudice" and with a "fine" sense of humor.

The Walrus also appeared to have an extreme tendency to be pushed around, particularly by that of the Carpenter, until his eating habits kicked in. He cannot remember much of his "The time has come" poem after the Carpenter says the word "time." He had also shown his distaste of sandy beaches as he complained about "too much sand on the beach."


Walrus concept art

The Walrus wearing his skull mask.

The Walrus was similar to that of any other living walrus. He was extremely chubby and maintained a gray and pink color throughout his flabby and folded skin. His large, round snout contains only two small nostrils at the top. He had two large eyes separated by a mass of wrinkles and folds. He had two fins with a tail, and two large tusks with a certain pattern. His right tusk was broken.

The Walrus wore a black-and-white striped hat with a small red puff on top and a large, white, scruffy Elizabethan collar around his neck, giving him the appearance of a clown. During the show, he wore a skull mask and wielded a scythe prop, portraying himself as the Grim Reaper.


  • His complaint about "too much sand in the beach" is a direct reference to the poem which originated him, as is the mention of "The time has come to talk of ships . . . and vegetables and royalty . . . and whether pigs have wings. . . ."
  • In American McGee's Alice, a bust of the Walrus and the Carpenter was going to be featured in a certain location, but was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • It is implied that while the Carpenter is based on Bruno Carpentieri, the Walrus is based on the Walrus Man, the main attraction in the carnival poster found outside the Mangled Mermaid.[7]
  • According to the script of Madness Returns, the Walrus and Carpenter were originally supposed to be a boss battle duo in the stage at the end of chapter two.
  • One possible theory is that the Walrus devoured the Carpenter's leg, which explains why the Carpenter has a peg leg. This could also be why the Carpenter is determined to keep the Walrus away from Wonderland, instead feeding him the inhabitants of Deluded Depths.


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