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Skool's Out walkthrough
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Area Fortress of Doors
Game American McGee's Alice

This is the official walkthrough for Skool's Out.


Spiral Atrium

Skool's Out - Chemistry Room.png

You find yourself in a large, three-story atrium. The third floor is apparently inaccessible. Emerge from the alcove to meet immediately with a very perturbed Boojum. The first floor features doors on either side. On the left is a door illuminated with a white light. Go there first.

Dice Room

Carefully descend the stairs to a landing overlooking another abyss. Across the abyss is a small, isolated chunk of room with a new Toy glowing on it. Guarding this coveted item is a Boojum. Hit the Boojum before he notices you. Next, approach the abyss carefully and look down to the right. Another Boojum waits in the darkness below (you only see him if your Target indicator acquires him). Don't claim the Toy until both Boojums are immolated. Jump across using the longest of the ragged floorboards. After you reach the platform, grab the Demon Dice and return to the Spiral Atrium.

Spiral Atrium (Return)

Cross to the other side of the first floor and pass through the doors marked by the red lights. Surprise the Diamond Card Guard manning this T-intersection and go through either door to the Gymnasium.


Skool's Out - Poppy Seeds.png

Climb the ramp to the stage and investigate the room to the left. Next, enter the room on the right. Pull the switch to extend the retractable bleachers in the main area of the gym. Climb the bleachers and turn around to jump to the beams crisscrossing the ceiling. Jump from the first beam to the broken beam extending from the center of the room. Pause at the first junction of the beams and wait for the swinging lamp to pass before crossing.

Continue over the beams until you reach the Mayor waiting in the far corner of the room. He has the shrinking potion's first ingredient: the Mushroom. You're interrupted by the arrival of several Boojums ambling up through the hole in the floor. Rush back to the Rage Box and use it before leaping down to the relative safety of the gym floor. Use your enhanced powers to do away with the Boojums, then return to the Spiral Atrium.

Spiral Atrium (Return)

Climb to the second floor. Sweep the area for Card Guards before entering the door marked "2nd Grayd." As soon as the door opens, fling in the Demon Dice to deal with the Card Guards.

Second Grayd Classroom

Skool's Out - Room Back.png

Enter the doors at the end of the hall. Two Club Card Guards are attacking the helpless Mayor. The ungrateful little man tells you he's got the Sugared Spice Drops called for in the recipe. Now, all you need are the Poppies. Grab the bottle of Jumbo Grow out of the nearby cabinet. Return to the hall and go through either of the side doors. They both lead to the third floor. This is Wonderland... do try to keep that in mind.

Third Grayd Classroom

Clobber the Diamond Card Guard and two Club Card Guards. Enter the doors leading to the 3rd Grayd Classroom. Two Diamond Card Guards are protecting the door to the Greenhouse and, on the far side of the classroom, a Croquet Mallet (if you didn't grab it before).


Storm through the double doors to the Greenhouse. Kill the Boojum and two Club Card Guards. Walk straight into the room and look for the bed labeled "Poppy Seeds." Pour the Jumbo Grow on the seeds and your prize suddenly springs from the earth. Jump to the bed to pick the odd flower.

Leave the Greenhouse and return to the third floor hallway. Go through either of the side doors to return to the second floor hallway.

Second Grayd Classroom

Meet again with the Mayor and he whips up your shrinking potion. Don't leave without picking up the potion (labeled "Drink Me") and the Observatory key (the star).

Walk into the portal and return to the Main Artium.