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Rolling Stones walkthrough
Rolling Stones - Alice.png
Area Wonderland Woods
Game American McGee's Alice

This is the official walkthrough for Rolling Stones.


Rolling Stones - Spine.png

Uh-oh! The Ladybugs are really torqued. They drop a giant marble into the tunnel you've just entered. Run!

The Spiral Tunnel

Keep running down the long winding shaft. Stay to the inside of the curve. Hurtle through a portal and continue running down the tunnel.

Mushroom Chamber

Hold to the path until it abruptly ends. Leap to the glowing mushroom to the right.

You land on a solid platform, but don't pause. Immediately jump to the next glowing mushroom, onto the ledge, and continue through the tunnel.

Bone Bridge

Rolling Stones - Ice.png

Run across the twisty bridge of bones. Watch your step on this narrow trestle. Go through the portal and continue through the tunnel.

Ice Room

Don't look back as you cross the large ice field in this room. After the rock arrives, its weight causes the ice behind you to crack.

As long as you don't stop running, you won't lose your footing or fall into the fast-approaching cracked ice. Stroll down the slippery tunnel. After the ground drops out beneath your feet, relax and wait to land.