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Radula Room walkthrough
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Game Alice: Madness Returns

A walkthrough for finding all the Radula Rooms in all chapters.


Chapter 2


Alice Madness Returns Chapter 2 Radula Rooms locations walkthrough

Sliding Toward Oblivion

  • Location: This Radula is obvious, and is stuck right on the main path.
  • Type: Quiz Radula
  • Question: "How is the Queen of Hearts like a typhoon?"
  • Answer: In all ways — but the typhoon doesn't mean to be (wrong answers: Both are powerful, Both are cruel, Both are indiscriminately destructive)
  • Question: "What is yours but others use it more than you do?"
  • Answer: Your name (wrong answers: Your pen, Your underwear, Your shovel)
  • Question: "King's cloak, priest's hassock, lady's wrap, judge's robe all hang by me. Who am I?"
  • Answer: Clothes line (wrong answers: Lord High Executioner, London gibbet, The Butler)
  • Question: "What's on four legs in early morning, two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?"
  • Answer: A human being (wrong answers: Trundel Bed, A music stand, Surveyor's Leveling Instrument)


  • Location: From the statue in the center of town, look for a breakable wall to the right. Follow this path around and down below the town; the Radula is in the middle of this area.
  • Type: Survival Radula
  • Enemies: Normal and Shield Madcaps

Oyster Garden: Beds Available

  • Location: There will be an obvious breakable wall which leads to a clam with some Teeth. To the right of this clam is another breakable wall which leads to a Radula, which is accessible by invisible platform.
  • Type: Special Radula
  • Task: Simply sail the HMS Gryphon through waves of Shipwreck Sharks, Cannon Crabs, and bombs without dying.

Barrelbottom Revisited

  • Location: After the Colossal Ruin introduction, the player comes to a room with disturbing fish abuse, and a Shrink Wrapped Keyhole. The Radula is through that tunnel.
  • Type: Battle Radula
  • Enemies: Menacing Ruin, Eyepot

Chapter 3


Alice Madness Returns Chapter 3 Radula Rooms locations walkthrough

Vale of Doom

  • Location: After the Colossal Ruin comes the third switch. Hit it, follow the new path and cross the bridge. To the right is a platform and a Pig Snouts. Shoot the snout, follow the revealed path, smash a bit of congealed ruin and find a keyhole. Go through it, follow the platforms (visible and invisible) - there is the Radula.
  • Type: Quiz Radula
  • Question: "We welcome the arrival of a phantom at sunset, only to rue its departure at sunrise. What is it?"
  • Answer: Dreams (wrong answers: May flies, Night Phlox, Hope)
  • Question: "What warms like the summer sun, and heats like a blazing fire, but does not burn?"
  • Answer: Blood (wrong answers: A serpent's tongue, A spring rose, Molten Lava)
  • Question: "I talk, but I do not speak my mind. What am I?"
  • Answer: An Actor (wrong answers: A politician, A puppet, A parrot)
  • Question: "What is so delicate that when you say its name it is broken?"
  • Answer: Silence (wrong answers: A heart, A vow, Love)

Scroll of Happy Times

  • Location: In the second room containing Samurai Ink Wasps: from the entrance to the room, hop over the chasm and take a left, then jump up. The Radula is down a path.
  • Type: Battle Radula
  • Enemies: Bolterfly, Madcap


  • Location: Past the caves and the fans, the player will come to a green cave. Find the first Fish Switch past a breakable wall and flip it. Across the main section of this room is a Keyhole - not the one which is under a stomping statue, another one. Follow this Keyhole's tunnel, and the player will find the Radula.
  • Type: Survival Radula
  • Enemies: Cannon Crab, Shield Madcap

West Peak Prison Village

  • Location: After the giant frog opens up the path, there are two breakable walls. Follow the one on the right (the main path) a short ways until the player sees some Teeth on the ground. There is a Keyhole snugged in that alcove. Follow that tunnel and the player will reach the Radula.
  • Type: Special Radula
  • Task: Get to the end of the 2D Oriental Scrolls stage to complete the room.

Chapter 4


Alice Madness Returns Chapter 4 Radula Room locations Walkthrough

Least Wing

  • Location: At the gate of the castle, turn right and find a breakable wall. Through there lies a mushroom; bounce up and there's the shell.
  • Type: Quiz Radula
  • Question: "What comes next in the sequence 1 3 4 7 11"?
  • Answer: 18 (wrong answers: 13, 17, 21)
  • Question: "What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?"
  • Answer: A river (wrong answers: An inveterate gossip, A restless child, A suicidal insomniac)
  • Question: "I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. What am I?"
  • Answer: The future (wrong answers: A promise, Divinity, Blithe spirit)
  • Question: "At night they come without being fetched. By day they are lost without being stolen. What are they?"
  • Answer: Stars (wrong answers: River rats, Garbage Collectors, Cockroaches)

Waste Wing Part 1

  • Location: In the large room with the three sets of balancing platforms, the player has to pull a Switch to proceed. Upon pulling this switch, turn around and go to the previous platform. From there, the player can now Float across a couple of vents to find the Radula.
  • Type: Battle Radula
  • Enemies: Samurai Wasp, Eyepot, Samurai Wasp Archer

Waste Wing Part 2

  • Location: At the beginning, in the area where the Train goes chugging by, there are a couple vents leading to an easily visible Radula.
  • Type: Survival Radula
  • Enemies: Daimyo Wasp, Drowned Sailor

Dark of Heartness

  • Location: Slide down the tongue slide at the beginning, take a left, and go through the Shrink Wrapped Keyhole. The Radula's at the end of the tunnel.
  • Type: Special Radula
  • Task: Simply destroy the walls and tower in Alice's Giant Form.

Chapter 5


Alice Madness Returns Chapter 5 Radula Room Locations Walkthrough

Frog's Way

  • Location: In the area where the first Bitch Babies appear, there is green house turned on its side. Go on top of it, shoot the Snout and follow the revealed path.
  • Type: Quiz Radula
  • Question: "The one that uses it never knows that he's uses it. What is it?"
  • Answer: Coffin (wrong answers: Insurance, Necktie, Sugar)
  • Question: "The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?"
  • Answer: Darkness (wrong answers: Love, Truth, Money)
  • Question: "If you break me, I do not stop working; If you lose me nothing will matter."
  • Answer: Heart (wrong answers: Whip, Horse, Key)
  • Question: "Feed me I live; give me a drink and I die."
  • Answer: A fire (wrong answers: A skink, A cactus, An alcoholic)

Dolltown Cellars

  • Location: After defeating the Doll Girl, follow the winding path opposite the way the hand in the painting is pointing and destroy the obstruction blocking the keyhole. Once inside take the first right to find the room.
  • Type: Battle Radula
  • Enemies: Card Guard, Armored Card Guard, Ice Snark

Fort Resistance Delivered (after Dolltown Cellars)

  • Location: After passing through the giant doll's ear, the player will see an Omega Switch. Follow the Shrink Sense path from here until the room is found.
  • Type: Survival Radula
  • Enemies: Executioner, Daimyo Wasp, Samurai Ink Wasp

Looking Glass Station

  • Location: Pass through the wrecked station, and go to the right when going to the next exit instead, use shrink sense to use the invisible platforms and climb up to the Radula.
  • Type: Special Radula
  • Task: Complete the "Off With Her Head" minigame.