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Heart of Darkness walkthrough
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Area Queensland
Game American McGee's Alice

This is the official walkthrough for Heart of Darkness.


You've finally come face to face with the dreaded Queen herself. Like the rest of Wonderland, she's not as you remember her.

The battle begins immediately. The Queen is moored to her throne by a long, repulsive tentacle. Just because she can't move far, however, doesn't mean she can't get to you whenever she wants — her powers extend way beyond her physical reach.

  • The Queen spreads her arms and a cloud of blue or yellow light forms around you. In a moment, you'll be either slammed against the wall or brought in for a big, nasty hug. To avoid both fates, run forward or backward as the light begins to form around you. You have only an instant to get out of harm's way. Learn to recognize the attack even before the cloud starts forming.
  • She stabs her tentacle into the floor and it almost instantly rises from the floor wherever you're standing. Sidestep in the instant before the tentacle arrives to avoid it.
  • When she extends all of her tentacles, she fires either energy beams (hard to avoid) or "rockets" (easier to avoid) or both. Strafing and taking cover behind columns provide adequate protection.
  • The snowball freezes you solid for a moment. When you see the Queen join her hands together to form a ball of white light, wait for her to launch the snowball and sidestep this slow-moving projectile.

Queen of Hearts corpse.png

Use the pillars for cover from frontal assaults, but beware the tentacle and wall slam that can get you even when you're not in the Queen's line of sight. Refuel with Meta-Essence Crystals whenever you can. Unlike many other battles, there's no trick to fighting the Queen. It's a straightforward battle with lots of clever defense. Your main concerns are avoiding and countering the Queen's attacks, then peck away at her as frequently as possible.

No single weapon is preferable, though you won't be able to get close enough to use any melee weapons. Particularly effective are the Blunderbuss and the Eyestaff. The Ice Wand is good for defense (the ice shield), and the Jacks do considerable damage.

The Queen likes to play dead, hanging listlessly from her tentacle before launching a quick attack. Whenever you think you've beaten her, keep firing away until there's no doubt. Though you've won the first battle, she isn't finished with you. The Queen drags you to a final battle with her true, inner self.

Demon Queen

This arena is a circle of rock islands. The ones at the corners are larger, providing safer fighting ground. The Queen floats in the center of the ring; she can change position but only by diving down into the darkness and resurfacing elsewhere. Large Meta-Essence Crystals appear on the smaller islands periodically. Only one appears at time.

The demonic incarnation of the Queen is a more powerful and straightforward opponent than the version you've already beaten.

  • The gaping hole in her belly serves several functions. First, it fires projectiles from long distances.
  • Second, the Queen emits a disruptive scream from her belly. Like the Boojum scream, it inflicts damage as it knocks you back and, potentially, off the platforms.
  • From her left side, she fires a splatter of green liquid that scorches flesh, which is easy to avoid by sidestepping.
  • She also fires the same missiles as the Mad Hatter. These are tipped with Nightmare Spider venom and cause the same temporary disorientation and partial blindness.
  • She often dives below your view and resurfaces directly in front of you. Take a new position while she's out of sight and you might get a clean shot while she's facing the other direction.
  • When she gets in close, she swipes at you with her tentacles.

The Queen's final form.png

Start by waiting for the Queen to dive out of sight. When she re-emerges, let her have it with a Blunderbuss shot or a hit with the Eyestaff. Turn right and leap to the big Meta-Essence Crystal. Continue jumping until you get to the large corner platform.

Turn around and look down for a white-lit ledge. Drop to it. If you don't already have the Blunderbuss, here's your chance. If you do have it, good news: Taking it refills your Strength of Will. Step onto the square near this ledge to transport yourself back up to the corner platform.

Fire the Blunderbuss right into the Queen's belly. Jump around the ring to collect two more large Meta-Essence Crystals to regain full Strength of Will. Fire again! The pattern from here on out is fire, get two crystals, and repeat.

When the Queen begins to convulse and her "crown" falls from her head, you can be assured of your victory. Wonderland and young Alice's Sanity are restored. It's as if it was all a wonderfully horrible dream.


  • Almost of the Queen's attacks have distinctive sounds associated with them. Once you learn to recognize these, you won't even need to see the Queen to know what's coming.
  • Destroy the more powerful tentacles of the Queen first. They contain pieces of her previously vanquished enemies.