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Fungiferous Flora walkthrough
Fungiferous Flora - Plant light.png
Area Wonderland Woods
Game American McGee's Alice

This is the official walkthrough for Fungiferous Flora.


The Mushroom Room

Before you move a muscle, take stock of what's around you. There's no way to go forward without waking up at least one of those Evil Mushrooms. Creep forward and activate the middle Mushroom. Back off and lob a Jackbomb or two.

Sneak past the fourth Mushroom guarding the corridor. At the other end of the corridor, eliminate the next Mushroom before you venture out.

The Ant Ravine

After you emerge, quickly eliminate two Army Ant Soldiers. Prepare for a new enemy: the Ant Lion.

March forward, obliterating another Evil Mushroom and a Blood Rose. Around the bend, eradicate two more Mushrooms and three Army Ant Soldiers.

Puddle Diving

There seems to be nowhere else to go, look under the fallen tree to the left for a pool of water. Do something about those Snarks, then dive in and swim under the tree.

After you surface, destroy an Evil Mushroom.

Headquaters Approach

Scale the hill to your right after you come out of the pool. Lay claim to the second Demon Dice, located in an alcove.

Army Ant Base

Jump in the knothole in the tree. Drop down the into the Centipede's main base. The Army Ants approach to do their master's bidding. The battle, however, only lasts a moment as you're quickly overwhelmed.


  • The best way to deal with the swarm of Ladybugs is to show them card "tricks". The alternate attack is especially potent.