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Dry Landing walkthrough
Dry Landing.png
Area Wonderland Woods
Game American McGee's Alice

This is the official walkthrough for Dry Landing.


At the Pool

Dry Landing - Waterfall.png

Turn slightly to the left and walk along the water's edge. Pummel the Army Ant Soldiers around the bend. Check out the two high ledges for Meta-Essence Crystals.

Continue to a lovely pond. Before diving in, however, do away with the Ladybug buzzing overhead and the Army Ant Soldier across the pool to the left. The pond is full of Snarks. Just because you're on the shore, don't think you're safe—their tongues can pull you into a watery grave. Jump quickly between the two lily pads and onto the vine. Turn around and swing to the hill to the left. Scale the hill toward a waterfall and prepare for a Blood Rose to pop up on across the water.


There's a series of ledges that appear to be the way to go, but the final ledge is simply too high. Instead of climbing, jump on the glowing mushroom near the ledge. After it bounces you high in the air, turn around and grab the vine. Climb the vine and swing to the ledge to meet with Rabbit.

Catching Rabbit

Dry Landing - Tree Trunk.png

Follow Rabbit to the cliff ahead and jump down to the moss ledges on the giant tree ahead. Drop down to the second moss ledge. Toss a few Toys at the Army Ant Soldier standing on the distant ledge. Leap for the vine and swing to the ledge. Trudge down the passage and pluck the Blood Rose.

In the clearing (which looks down on the beginning of this level), spar with another Blood Rose and an Army Ant Soldier to get the Meta-Essence Crystal on the high ledge. Further up the passage, liquidate an Army Ant Commander and the squadron of Ladybugs overhead.

Big Drop

The next step is a very long way down. You can simply jump down, but it costs you some Sanity. Instead, look straight over the ledge to see a glowing mushroom below. The glowing mushrooms help you bounce.

Drop straight down onto it and bound to the next glowing mushroom, then up onto the next-lowest ledge. Pulverize the Blood Rose and the Army Ant Solider guarding the lowest ledge. Plummet down to the glowing mushrooms again and grab the first of two vines.

Swing to the second vine, then to the ledge.

Inside the Hollow Tree

Dry Landing - Killer Mushroom.png

Head inside the hollow tree, pausing to deal with the Blood Rose, and climb up the short ramp. Jump on the vine and climb to near the top. Swing and jump to the glowing mushroom and up to the lower of two ledges. Drop back down to the glowing mushroom and lob yourself up to the higher of the two ledges. Grab the Rage Box. Use the mushroom again to reach the large ledge and the exit.

Outside the Hollow Tree

Plow through the Army Ant Soldier, the Blood Rose, and the Army Ant Commander. At a T-intersection, go left. Clobbering an Army Ant Soldier, you arrive at a chasm spanned by a long bridge.

The Bridge

Unfortunately, just as you arrive, the bridge collapses. Use the glowing mushrooms on the right to traverse the canyon.

Turn left to ward off a Blood Rose. If you haven't already retrieved the Jackbomb, another one is just a few jumps away on the Blood Rose's ledge. Watch out for the Evil Mushroom, though. Resume the trail as it climbs uphill.

The Great Tree

Start by jumping to the vine hanging between you and the Great Tree.

Swing to the first moss ledge, drop to the second, then leap to the next vine. Climb up to near the top of the vine. Swoop down to the ledge and decapitate the Army Ant Commander.

The Stream

A small hill takes to you a rushing stream. First, bury the Blood Roses, then walk across the rocks to reach the left shoreline near the waterfall.


  • Ladybugs are a constant threat in these levels. Keep your ears open and watch the skies. Stop during peaceful moments to thin out the swarms.
  • The stream is full of snarks. Move fast on the crossing to avoid their salvos of green goo.