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The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Crazed Clockwork walkthrough
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Area Behind the Looking Glass
Game American McGee's Alice

This is the official walkthrough for Crazed Clockwork.


Front Porch

Start forward and rough up the Boojum. Jump over to the Hatter's front porch and burst through the front door.


Walk under the ticking clock and follow the path to the right.

Switch Room

Walk around both sides of this room and pull the switches located on each side. After both switches have been pulled, a large cog rises from the water in the center of the room. Jump onto it and cross to a hallway. Turn left and go through the large door.

Sinking Clocks

Climb the stairs and turn right to a room with floating clocks. The mercury in this room is deadly and some of these clocks can't withstand the weight of a person standing on them. How do you know which ones will sink?

Look in the mirror to your left: The unsteady clocks appear faceless in the mirror. The stable clocks are simple mirror images. As you look at the two rows of clocks in front of you, jump in this order:

  1. First on right.
  2. Second on left.
  3. Third on right.

Pull the switch and follow this pattern:

  1. First on left.
  2. Second on right.
  3. Third on left.

Turn to face left and follow this pattern:

  1. Second on right (skip the first row).
  2. Fourth on right.

Jump to the ledge.

Upstairs Hallway

The door seals behind you.

Investigate to the right down the hallway to find a barred door. You come back up through that door after unlocking it. Go back to where you entered the hall and go straight. A Boojum attacks from the left. The door it guards is locked by a giant key protruding from the floor. You can't unlock it. Return to the hall and continue, turning right at the corner.

The double doors at the end are locked, but an open cell to your right has a hole in its floor. Be ready to fight as you drop down the hole.

Follow the hall to large double doors. Enter the lab.

Lab Foyer

Stomp on the two Nightmare Spiders and head through the open hallway opposite the stairs.

The Lab

You find the very unfortunate March Hare and Dormouse. You also witness the gruesome process by which the Hatter is building his Automaton minions. Pull the switch to open the barred doors. The Hatter unlocks the room near the giant key.

Return to the Lab Foyer and take the stairs up to the Upstairs Hallway

Upstairs Hallway (Return)

Turn right and go to the now-unlocked door.

Room of Stairs

Slaughter the Nightmare Spider and follow the steps to the left. Destroy the Phantasmagoria, who is guarding another set double doors. Go inside and talk with the Gryphon. The final Demon Die is beside the Gryphon, and there's a Super Meta-Essence crystal on the other side of the staircase.

Turn and head back out the door. Follow the stairs to the right and gut the Nightmare Spiders waiting for you. Venture through two doors and find yourself back in the Foyer.

Foyer, Again

Cross the bridge and give the Nightmare Spider a swift kick. Go through the door and climb up to the portal you saw from the Front Porch.

Tea Table

The portal takes you to a gigantic table set for tea. Jump onto each of the four sugar cubes in the cups of tea. When all four have submerged, the clock at the end of the table descends and reveals a portal. Leap into the portal.

Clock Tower

Walk straight into the belly of the Clock Tower. Pull the switch.


  • Notice a portal on the clock tower to the left of the front door. Return to that area later.
  • Below the stairs in Sinking Clocks, there is a dose of Grasshopper Tea. Drinking it makes navigating the next room much easier. After drinking the tea, step on the left corner of the platform and you'll rise to the landing above. Then hop to the switch in the next room.
  • In the Upstairs Hallway, don't try to open any of the cell doors. They all contain Automatons anyway.
  • The stairs in the Lab Foyer lead up to that barred door you saw earlier. The closed cell door holds an Automaton and should remain closed.
  • The Tea Table tea is very hot, so jump out of the cup quickly.