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The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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About Face walkthrough
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Area Behind the Looking Glass
Game American McGee's Alice

This is the official walkthrough for About Face. This section is a boss battle and therefore contains no sections.


Enter the Hatter's arena and go to the center. Before the mayhem begins, lay claim to the second piece of the Jabberwock's Eye Staff. After you have it, the Hatter appears on the scene. At last you get your shot at the Mad Hatter. Unfortunately, you're on his turf in this time-obsessed arena. Beware his awesome powers.

  • At close range, the Hatter swings at you with either his cane or his hand. If you're at medium distance, he sprints forward and swings with one or the other for increased damage.
  • Teacup bombs launch from his hat and careen around the arena.
  • Missiles fire from his fingertips. These weapons are tipped with Nightmare Spider venom, producing the same disorientation effect.
  • Frequently, the Hatter disappears and is replaced by two Clockwork Automatons. After they're vanquished, the Hatter returns.

Your only source for Meta-Essence in this fight is defeated Automatons. The Hatter has one weakness: Jacks. He can't stand the chaos they create. Immediately circle strafe the Hatter at medium distance: It's too far for him to hit you with his fist or cane and too close for other attacks. Launch a Jack attack at every opportunity. If you play it right, the Hatter doesn't stand a chance.

After the Hatter's head has detonated, the clock adjacent to the arena begins to run.

Jump on the weights when they drop to ground level and ride them up into the works of the clock. Nab the Dead Time Watch. The walkway around the clock contains a large Meta-Essence. After both prizes are yours, you'll pay a visit to the Gryphon.


  • When circle strafing, don't fall off the platform.