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Voracious Centipede
Voracious Centipede
Also known as The Centipede
First appearance Centipede's Sanctum
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Bite, Headbutt
Ranged attack Acid, Crawlers
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If your stature were an illness, it seems the Centipede dispenses medicine to make you well.
Cheshire Cat

The Voracious Centipede was the commander of all insect forces in the Wonderland Woods. The Caterpillar sent Alice to the Centipede's Sanctum in order to take a bite from the mushroom he was guarding, which was the key to restoring Alice to her original size.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice soared into the Centipede's Sanctum after being pushed through a nutcracker's mouth doorway by the Army Ants and upon arriving made no conversation with the Centipede as he was already on target to kill her. He spewed Crawlers onto Alice and attempted to crush her within seconds of her reaching the arena. She came out as champion during the battle and was able to reach the Mushroom of Life, returning her to her normal size.[1]


The Centipede was a gigantic, apathetic brute with a wound on his underside. He had the appearance of an German armored soldier due to the Pickelhaube he wore.

During the final battle with the Queen of Hearts, the Centipede's head became a part of one of the Queen's tentacles, and it spat poison.


Similar to the Queen of Hearts, the Centipede was a dictating character, not allowing anyone near his precious Mushroom of Life. He was loud by nature, complimenting his large stature, and very ruthless upon Alice's arrival. He did not address Alice using her name, implying he did not know who she was and that possibly he did not care; only wishing to protect his mushroom.


  • Acid – The Centipede sprays acid at Alice.
  • Bite – The Centipede bites Alice down.
  • Crawlers – The Centipede will throw the Crawlers at Alice.
  • Headbutt – The Centipede uses his helmet's horn while he rams his head at Alice.


See also: Walkthrough:Centipede's Sanctum

Counter the Crawlers with the Ice Wand, which freezes them. They produce Meta-Essence, which will keep the Ice Wand almost always completely charged with strength of will.

As soon as the Crawlers are not a concern, Alice can turn her attention to the Centipede itself. The Centipede's weak spot can be found underneath its belly as a red spot when the centipede rises up on its hind legs. Attack this red spot with the Ice Wand or throw the Vorpal Blade; it takes several successful blasts to take down the centipede.

The Centipede is strong himself. He will also spray acid as well as ram Alice with his helmet's horn. He will also bite down on Alice which can do a lot of damage. It's best to utilize the Ice Wand's defensive ability, by placing an ice wall to defend from his ramming attack. Note that the grabbing/biting attack cannot be blocked.


  • In concept art, the Voracious Centipede has a tongue resembling an octopus tentacle, a possible nod to the Queen.