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"Village of the Doomed (instrumental)"
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Album Original Soundtrack
Artist Chris Vrenna
Length 03:37
Preceded by
"Falling Down the Rabbit Hole"
Followed by
"Fortress of Doors"
Can you get me inside the Fortress of Doors?
Alice Liddell, "Village of the Doomed"

"Village of the Doomed" is a piece in the American McGee's Alice Original Soundtrack produced by Chris Vrenna. The intro of the composition is used during the ending of the piece "Falling Down the Rabbit Hole", as the pieces were intended to fade into each other.

"Village of the Doomed" is the first piece in the soundtrack to only feature one sentence of dialogue. This becomes popular throughout the rest of the soundtrack; not many pieces feature entire or sections of scenes that are more than one line long. It is also the first piece of the soundtrack to actually be used in the specific domain that it is named after, as "Falling Down the Rabbit Hole" was not played until later in the game.

Ironically, the domain spoken in the dialogue is about the domain Alice would be heading to, as she is speaking of the Fortress of Doors rather than the Village of the Doomed itself.


  • Alice Liddell: "Can you get me inside the Fortress of Doors?"