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Alice: Otherlands
Location Richard Wagner's Otherland
First appearance "A Night at the Opera"
Series Alice: Otherlands

Valhalla is where the palace of Wotan, as well as the Valkyries, are located.[1]


Alice: Otherlands[]

After Alberich stole Alice's necklace, the backdrop of the stage changed to a vast evening sky and a Valkyrie took Alice to the palace located on top of a lone mountain. Alice met Wotan and he told her that her necklace contained a secret that could bring an end to the world, and ordered her to find it and give it back to him.

When Alberich was defeated and Alice returned to the palace, Wotan revealed his true plans upon getting the necklace, as the sky turned red and fire rose beneath the mountain where the palace resided. Alice stood up against him and stabbed his eye with her spear, killing him. She woke up to find herself on the stage floor, and behind her was Valhalla engulfed in flames.[2]


Valhalla has a lone giant mountain where its palace rests on the very top. The palace itself is as high as the sky, surpassing Wotan at full height. It has a large, open door where the Valkyries come in, while its interior has a lone throne where Wotan used to sit. After Alice killed Wotan, Valhalla was left in flames.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Valkyries
  • Wotan