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Vale of Doom
Vale of Doom
Location Western hemisphere
First appearance Chapter 3
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Location on map
Vale of Tears map
I'm devastated. Look what's become of my beautiful valley!
Alice Liddell to Caterpillar[1]

The Vale of Doom was a floating, mountainous region formerly known as the Vale of Tears. Alice Liddell obtained her final weapon, the Teapot Cannon, in one of the floating lands before making her way to the Oriental Grove.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After waking up from a fit in Radcliffe's home, Alice noticed the house was empty and Radcliffe, as well as her rabbit, gone. She left the place through the back door[2] and found that the surroundings changed to that of Wonderland again. Mushrooms with Ruin slime were apparent along her path until she saw the Infernal Train's arrival. Alice found herself later on in the valley that was once the Vale of Tears and she had to take drags from Caterpillar's hookah to summon platforms and continue her journey to the Oriental Grove.[1]


The valley was a burned reincarnation of the Vale of Tears that floated on the Opium smoke from Caterpillar's hookah. Ruin slime were scattered everywhere and the terrain was filled with more Ruin creatures. It sat under a burning sky where debris ran amok, heading towards an endless spiral. At the end of the valley, there was a single spot that still contained grass and clean water where the Oriental Grove was located. Due to its initial proximity, the remains of the Hatter's Domain is scattered around the valley.


  • Oriental Grove


  • Teapot Cannon


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