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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Location Hatter's Domain
Based on Parasol
Series Alice: Madness Returns

The Umbrella is a preventive weapon used by Alice Liddell to combat enemy attacks if timed correctly. The weapon can only be used if Alice is Focused or in a battle stance. It is the only defensive, shield-like weapon available that cannot be upgraded and has no DLC edition.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After talking to the Mad Hatter about recovering his arms and legs from the March Hare and the Dormouse, Alice used the gear elevator to reach the clock roof. When she arrived there, the parasol floated down in front of her and only after taking it that a Menacing Ruin appeared and attacked her.[1]


It is a very useful weapon against enemies that can throw projectiles, as it can save Alice from incoming fire, and as she twirls it around, it can deflect attacks back at the opponent. A strong ranged attack will occasionally bend it backwards and send Alice spinning instead, leaving her vulnerable for a small period of time.


Although it is called "umbrella," suggesting that it can be used in the rain, it looks more like a parasol, a sun umbrella. The handle is black and resembles a barbed fish hook, and it is made from light blue Battenburg lace with few holes seen along the lining.


  • The Umbrella was originally meant to be used to glide through the air, but due to technical complexities and Alice's possible association with Mary Poppins, the idea was discarded.[2]
  • The Bitch Baby is the only enemy that can possibly be defeated by the Umbrella's deflection only.


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