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A poster for the play.

Totentanz is a play directed by the Carpenter centering "death [as] the ultimate equalizer." The script is written by the Octopus and the music is provided by the Music Fish.



The Oyster Starlets begin their dance number as the main star takes the center stage while dancing. Walrus makes his entrance by appearing from above and landing directly on her. The backup dancers look in fear and scrambles to get off the stage as the Walrus, wearing a skull mask and carrying a scythe, starts his act. Tombstone cutouts with swords and crown symbols enters the stage while the Walrus begins his poem.

As he recites the poem, he envisions what he plans to do with the oysters. One by one, the Oyster Starlets are sliced to pieces by scythes. Barrelbottom is shown with more of the Oyster Starlets screaming while being burned alive. The other Oyster Starlets that are at the bow of the ship falls into an abyss where piranhas dwell and eventually into the Walrus' mouth, where he eats them.

After the poem, the Walrus removes his skull mask and tosses his scythe, declaring that it is time to eat, and that death is the ultimate equalizer and a justified excuse to eat everyone on stage and in the audience.


Totentanz ticket

The ticket given by the Mock Turtle.

  • Although Mock Turtle gave Alice Liddell a ticket to see the show, it was never used or seen again when she arrived at the theatre and when she watched the show itself.
  • Totentanz is German for "Dance of Death," foreshadowing what actually took place in the show.