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Torch Gnome
Torch Gnome
Biographical information
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Personal information
Allies Alice Liddell, Mayor Elder
Enemies Queen of Hearts, Card Guards
Occupation Miners
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Our land is destroyed, our spirit crushed. Slavery and happiness do not dwell in the same house.
— A Torch Gnome to Alice[1]

The Torch Gnomes are gnomes that were formerly forced into tiring, exhausting and repetitive slavery by the Queen of Hearts under the threat of death. They became miserable due to the endless hours they worked to collect what they can from the mines, which were possibly jewels or Meta-Essence. They are led by the Mayor Elder and live in Village of the Doomed.

The Mayor was the only gnome left that was still brave enough to defy the Queen's tyranny, as the rest of the gnomes have become cowardly "gutless halfwits."


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice was completely oblivious to the influence the Queen possessed when she first arrived and while she did show empathy for the gnomes, she appeared much more focused on chasing the White Rabbit than freeing them.[1] When she met the Mayor Elder, he asked for her help in freeing his clan[2] and Alice eventually fulfilled his request. After Alice defeated the Queen of Hearts, Wonderland returned to its peaceful state and the gnomes were freed from the Queen's tyranny.[3]


Torch Gnomes are short humanoid male gnomes. They have brown hair and green eyes and they also wear torn green tights and brown open-toed slippers. They had padlocks around their necks that locked the light source on their backs in place. After they were freed, the padlocks and light source were gone from their upper body.