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To the Moon
To the Moon dress
Based on Space artwork from late 19th to early 20th centuries
Series Alice: Otherlands

The To the Moon dress is the second outfit worn by Alice Liddell during her visit to Jules Verne's Otherland.


Dress symbols[]

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  • Fire – For drive and to express self and faith.
  • Iron – Philosophically, iron represents a need to temper primal urges while at the same time embracing the fire within.


The dress' color scheme is very minimal, using black, silver, and white, and has a constant moon and stars design. Its design includes futuristic elements, such as its unusual, mechanical-seeming ruffles and stripes, which give the outfit a space traveler or cyborg quality. The neckline of the dress has an Omega symbol on it, replacing Alice's usual Omega necklace. The dress' accessories include a silver headband, long gloves, and knee-high metallic boots. The Vorpal Blade sheath is black, with white star and moon patterns and a black ribbon at its opening.

Hollow Yves[]

Hollow Yves lacks his ribbons and is used as a holder for both sides of the silver-white bow at Alice's back.


  • The dress only appears in the short film for about two seconds.
  • The dress may have been inspired by Verne's novel From Earth to the Moon.
  • The design for Alice in space was difficult for the team because there was not that much artwork from the 19th century concerning outer space exploration. Also, original artwork in From the Earth to Moon depicted men wearing seemingly contemporary attire. Therefore, the design was mostly guesswork and inspired by various space artwork from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.[1]