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This template is used to place icons at the top-right of a page for visual identification and categorization, as well as provide navigation to associated pages.
Type {{Icons|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as explained further below.
Multiple icon parameters may be used.
Abbreviation Meaning Icon
fullpt This page is protected for a period of time. Black Hobby Horse icon
fullp This page is protected indefinitely. Hobby Unicorn icon
semip This page is semi-protected. Red Hobby Horse icon
movep This page is move protected. Original Hobby Horse icon
wl Wonderland. Wonderland icon
ld London. London icon
ox Oxford. Oxford icon
rw Real world. Real-world
VA Voice actor. Actor icon
AMA American McGee's Alice AMA icon
AMR Alice: Madness Returns AMR icon
AO Alice: Otherlands AO icon
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