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Effect(s) * Enables Alice to upgrade weapons
Series Alice: Madness Returns

Teeth are the currency used to upgrade weapons through the upgrading system, Hollow Yves. A regular white tooth amounts to one and a golden tooth can amount to five or ten. If the Hattress is worn, Alice will lose Teeth instead of Roses.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice Liddell was able to collect Teeth after fighting Insidious Ruin and Bolterflies at the Looking Glass Railway in the Vale of Tears.[1] Afterwards, Teeth were either dropped by enemies, or found in breakable containers and Duchess baskets.[2]



Alice Madness Returns - First Teaser Trailer HQ

Alice's teeth falling out.

  • In the first Alice: Madness Returns trailer, Alice opens her mouth and her teeth fall out – one tooth has a symbol on it. It is thought by some that she is collecting the teeth which she lost in the trailer.
    • A theory is that the Teeth are symbolic of Alice's mental health. Losing teeth in dreams is often seen as a symbol that the dreamer is stressed, like how Alice is stressed by her deteriorating mental health. One could interpret Alice taking teeth from enemies as regaining control of her sanity.
    • Another theory that the reason Teeth are currency is because Alice may have been gifted money by her parents whenever she lost a baby tooth, similar to the tooth fairy, which may have made her view teeth as symbols of value.
  • It takes 6,750 Teeth to fully upgrade all the weapons. After this, collecting them is only useful for Alice's health when wearing the Hattress dress.
  • Most enemies drop white Teeth while harder enemies had the possibility of dropping golden Teeth.
  • Some dresses increase the drop rate of Teeth, like the Steamdress and Silk Maiden.
Armed to the Teeth

Armed to the Teeth icon.

  • Once Alice has collected enough Teeth to upgrade one of her weapons to its maximum level, the player will receive the "More than a Mouthful" achievement.
  • Once Alice has collected enough Teeth to upgrade all of her weapons to their maximum level, the player will receive the "Armed to the Teeth" achievement.


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