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Teapot Cannon
Teapot Cannon
Location Vale of Doom
Based on Teapot
DLC Catnip Cannon
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Weapon poster
Teapot Cannon poster
Shoots Tea Grenades with a large splash of steaming tea.
Hollow Yves

The Teapot Cannon is one of Alice's weapons that was created by the Mad Hatter's manufacturing company. It is the second long-range, gun-like weapon she gains, the first being the Pepper Grinder, and is a cannon-like device that fired out tea infuser balls that explode into steaming hot tea, similar to water balloons.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Teapot Cannon in Vale of Doom

Teapot Cannon in Vale of Doom.

After arriving in Vale of Doom, Alice further explored the area that was once the Vale of Tears. She came across the weapon during her quest to find Caterpillar. She briefly met the Colossal Ruin after taking the Teapot Cannon.

When the Colossal Ruin was defeated, the Ruin wall hardened and Alice was able to destroy the wall using the Teapot Cannon to move onto the next area.[1]


The Cannon has a lot of power behind it, and can damage and kill most enemies with ease in battle; it can kill a Drifting Ruin in one hit but it will not drop anything. It can be "charged" to fire a much more powerful attack. It also has an "area of effect" on the ground created by the tea, which can still damage foes who stand in it until it fades away. It can also be used to destroy barricades that the Clockwork Bomb and the Hobby Horse cannot reach.

However, the cannon has many disadvantages: firing is slow, and enemies can easily dodge the tea, mainly flying enemies, and to achieve maximum power, the cannon must be charged for a while, which leaves Alice defenseless to attacks. A little like the Pepper Grinder, the cannon must be cooled down after four or five shots.


Teapot Cannon upgrades

The appearance of Teapot Cannon per upgrade.

As the name suggests, the Cannon looks like a teapot, or an old metal kettle. A clock face in inserted into the side of the belly of the pot, releases steam, and it shoots pocket watch-like projectiles from its large spout. As it upgrades, the appearance of the cannon and the color of the tea changes:

  • Level 1: Black metal teapot with silver detailing, and a blue clock face. The pocket watches are black and round, with blue faces. It releases white steam.
  • Level 2 (requires 525 Teeth): A slightly taller teapot made from dark green metal and gold detailing. The clock face is light green, and releases matching pocket watches and black steam.
  • Level 3 (requires 600 Teeth): A silver and black tall teapot with a purple clock face. The matching pocket watch has more detailing, and it releases black steam.
  • Level 4 (requires 725 Teeth): A gold teapot gargoyle with a red-and-gold clock face. It has horns on its lid, and its spout is the gargoyle's head with a mouth with sharp teeth. The pocket watches are studded with spikes, and it releases red steam.

In Hysteria mode, the Teapot Cannon is bloody and bandaged. Like her other weapons, the Teapot Cannon is also twice as strong.

Catnip Cannon[]

Cheshire skin Teapot Cannon

The Catnip Cannon.

The appearance of the Catnip Cannon is based on the Cheshire Cat. It is silver and covered in black markings. The clock face is replaced with the Cheshire Cat's eye and maniacal grin. The Cat's tail acts as the handle, his ears are the lid, and one of his paws is the spout. The Catnip Cannon deals 50% more damage to enemies than the original.


  • Catnip is a nickname given to the plant Nepeta cataria, which is mostly sold as a harmless recreational substance for pet cats, as about 50% of cats are affected by the smell of the plant, mostly soothing the animal. It can also be used in herbal medicinal practices for human, and can be consumed as tea.
  • Catnip Cannon is one of the two DLC items to be styled after the Cheshire Cat, the other being a dress.
  • After the tea infuser balls explode while using the Catnip Cannon, Cheshire Cat's face shows up in the steam.
  • There were once official Teapot Cannon replicas in its fully upgraded form.[1]


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