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Steam Vent

A Steam Vent in Queensland.

Steam Vents, also known as Air Vents[1] or Vents, are a type of machine that continuously blows out an upward stream of white steam into the air. Some vents can be activated by Valves. Alice Liddell is able to use the vents to aid in jumping and floating from platform to platform. It uses her skirt as a parachute to catch the steam and the up-drift will carry her and hold her up there until she is ready to jump off.


Each domain of Wonderland possesses a design exclusive to the area.


  • There is an achievement/trophy in Alice: Madness Returns, "Venting Frustration," which requires the player to keep Alice on a vent for 7 minutes in one go.
  • It is very similar to the beginning of the Alice in Wonderland film in 1951, where Alice, when falling through the rabbit's hole, gently floats across its length using her dress as parachute (immediately regretting when she tried to close her skirt).


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