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Slithering Ruin
Slithering Ruin
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Charge
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Slithering Ruin are leech-like enemies that attacked Alice Liddell on sight and continued to make sporadic appearances throughout Wonderland.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

When Alice neared the end of the Vale of Tears, the Ruin corruption became more apparent in the land. As she approached the Alice statue that was crying black ooze, Slithering Ruins materialized from it.[1]


Slithering Ruins are black sludges completely made of Ruin and are similar to leeches.


  • Charge – The Slithering Ruin will come closer to Alice to try and suck on her health.


They are extremely slow and weak, but will leap onto Alice to suck on her health until she dies. The only way to get rid of them is to use the butterfly dodge maneuver. Prior to attacking, a Slithering Ruin will pause and arch its body slightly, giving Alice warning to dodge away. If it successfully attacks Alice, her blood will spill on the floor.

They can be defeated with any weapon, but the Clockwork Bomb is the most effective. It will draw the Slithering Ruins' attention and destroy them if they are caught in its explosion. The splash damage of the Hobby Horse and the Teapot Cannon can also defeat multiple Slithering Ruins at a time. Overall, these creatures can be safely ignored while Alice focuses on bigger threats, especially if they respawn, but care should be taken not to let one sneak up and attack.


  • Slithering Ruin may have been taken from Alice's repressed memories of leeches being used on her in Rutledge Asylum, as they hold many similar physical and personal similarities.
  • Slithering Ruin often acted as an endless supply of distractions for more dangerous creatures.


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