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Skool Daze
Skool Daze
Location Southern hemisphere
First appearance Fortress of Doors
Series American McGee's Alice
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Fortress of Doors map
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Previous Beyond the Wall
Next Skool's Out
Steps to enlightenment brighten the way; but the steps are steep. Take them one at a time.
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Skool Daze was the third section of the Fortress of Doors. It was the beginning of the Skool and was revisited after Skool's Out. Alice Liddell discovered the recipe for the shrinking potion in the Skool's library and used it to go through the portal in the Observatory.


American McGee's Alice[]

After Alice jumped through the side window of the Skool, she landed in a small room where one Insane Child was mindlessly walking in circles. As she passed through it, she was greeted by a large room full of unrelenting Card Guards. Upon defeating them, Alice retrieved the Croquet Mallet from the upper hall.

Alice then proceeded towards the theatre, where Mayor Elder was lazily smoking his pipe and watching the Insane Children "perform." He told her that the Skool library contained the Book of Bizarre Things, where the recipe to shrink Alice was in. However, as soon as he told her, the Card Guards attacked them and the Mayor vanished.

As Alice continued to the library, the Mayor opened passages for her through the shelves. She then collected floating books around the library to create a staircase to reach the Book of Bizarre Things, however, she realized that it was bound and cannot be opened. In her attempt to open the book, she shoved it off the shelf and the fall broke the spine and opened it. Upon reading the recipe, she made her way to the back of the Skool to locate the ingredients.

When Alice returned with the potion, she went upstairs towards the library, where the Observatory was located. She killed the Guards inside and drank the potion, jumped into a portal, and arrived in the Pool of Tears.


The Skool was a grand building with beautiful red-patterned carpets and tall brick walls, decorated with wood carvings and formal wallpaper. The color in the area mainly consisted of greens, reds, and browns in dark tones as well as some slight golden shades. A lot of the Skool was in disrepair with some wooden floors being warped beyond control, some flooring missing, doors broken and boarded, and most importantly it was infested with enemies.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Boojums
  • Card Guards
  • Insane Children