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Skool's Out
Skool's Out - Classroom's
Location Southern hemisphere
First appearance Fortress of Doors
Series American McGee's Alice
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Fortress of Doors map
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Previous Skool Daze
Whenever we meet up, seems I also find a bit more trouble. Seen any Jumbo Grow, about?
Alice Liddell to Mayor Elder

Skool's Out was the fourth and last section of the Fortress of Doors. Alice, with a few help from the Mayor Elder, looked for the ingredients of the Drink Me potion in the Skool for her to be able to go in the Vale of Tears.


American McGee's Alice[]

After Alice found the ingredients for the 'Drink Me' potion, she set out to the different rooms of the Skool to collect them. Along the way, she collected several weapons, such as the Demon Dice and the Croquet Mallet and battled several different types of enemies, which were swarming the classrooms and guarding the contents with their lives. The Mayor Elder assisted Alice in obtaining the ingredients, although he often quickly left just as the enemies start to attack. Eventually, all the ingredients were collected and brewed as the potion. Once it was finished, the Mayor left the potion and the key to the Observatory to Alice for her to travel to the Vale of Tears.


Skool's Out - Garden

The garden guarded by a Boojum.

The area had several classrooms, all swarmed with enemies. There were several broken rooms that lead to nowhere and many of the classrooms that did exist were either in disrepair or not fully furnished. The Skool contained many basic classrooms such as a gym, chemistry class, traditional classroom, and even a garden for growing its own ingredients. It also had a library elsewhere and an observatory. There were several decorative items such as a statue of the Mad Hatter. The foyer also contained a large, swirling, wooden staircase which curled up three different levels and there were many closed and locked classrooms on the floors.

Residents and creatures[]


  • In the walls of the Skool, screaming and distressed faces can be seen.