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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
The Skool
Location East hemisphere
First appearance Fortress of Doors
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Fortress of Doors map

The Skool in the Fortress of Doors was an area that Alice Liddell entered in order to pursue the White Rabbit. Like a school, it had a gym, a library, a theater, and even a few classrooms and desks scattered around. But due to Wonderland's corrupt state, gaping holes appeared frequently inside, along with Insane Children who appeared to be victims of the Mad Hatter.

The Skool was constantly rocking back and forth. It was where Alice first found the Croquet Mallet and where she first encountered several enemies including Boojums. She also found a Rage Box in the gym of the Skool.

The Skool played a major role in the pursuit of the White Rabbit as it led Alice to the Vale of Tears in the Wonderland Woods and contained the recipe and ingredients to a potion that made Alice small in order to get there. 


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice entered through the side window and saw an Insane Child mindlessly walking around in circles. She passed through him and went to the main room where several Card Guards immediately attacked her on sight. After defeating them, she proceeded to the theatre, where Mayor Elder was lazily smoking his pipe and watching the Insane Children "perform." He told her that the Skool library contained the Book of Bizarre Things, where the recipe to shrink Alice was in. However, as soon as he told her, the Card Guards attacked them and the Mayor vanished.

She continued to the library, while the Mayor opened passages for her through the shelves. She then collected floating books around the library to create a staircase to reach the Book of Bizarre Things, however, she realized that it was bound and cannot be opened. In her attempt to open the book, she shoved it off the shelf and the fall broke the spine and opened it. Upon reading the recipe, she made her way to the back of the Skool to locate the ingredients.[1]

She retrieved the ingredients with the help of the Mayor and was able to create the potion in the chemistry lab. After the potion was created, the Mayor gave her the observatory key and Alice took the items before going through the portal to return to the main atrium.[2] When she arrived at the main atrium, she went upstairs towards the library, where the observatory was located. She killed the Guards inside and drank the potion, jumped into a portal, and arrived in the Pool of Tears.[1]



The outside of the school was coddled by a long, square path, riddled with enemies, that was created from stone. It was in a pitch black area with no other life surrounding it. The edges of the path were brown and extremely worn. The Skool itself was decaying immensely and swinging from side to side on either of its hinges. It was a wooden structure and appeared extremely bent in places.


The reception was a large room that catered to most doors to most primary area that were not classrooms including the theater and the library. It was a particularly large area that was the first area that Alice encountered that had a gaping hole in the ground.


Skool theatre

The Skool theater.

The theater was a large room that contained actors, but no audience. The actors themselves were simply Insane Children performing one acting and reusing sounds repeatedly. They cannot be killed or disturbed.

The theater was a large room with many red seats. It featured an isle at either side of the seats and a large theater stage that had three large pictures hanging from the curtain top.


The Library was a primary area in the Skool. It was three stories high and contained no roof, allowing Alice to see into the night sky. Alice collected books from this area that flew up to the third floor and created a path for her to get to a book of magic that contained ingredients of the potion she needed. The area was ripe with Card Guards attempting to kill Alice. The library also led to the Planetarium.

Chemistry laboratory[]

In this classroom, Alice created her potion by putting the ingredients into the condenser, which Mayor Elder demonstrated. It was a fairly small classroom with very little equipment.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Boojums
  • Card Guards
  • Insane Children