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Silk Maiden
Silk Maiden
Effect(s) Enemies drop twice as many teeth
Series Alice: Madness Returns
The finest dress spun from Caterpillar's very own silk.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Silk Maiden dress is Alice Liddell's third Wonderland dress. It is obtained during the Oriental Grove, and based around its appearance.


Dress symbols[]

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  • Uranus – Ruler of revolutions and violent upheaval; represents the Caterpillar.
  • PlutoPluto – Represents the ruler of evil and death; mind transcending matter to reach a divine spirit (Alice reaching the Caterpillar).


It is mostly based on a kimono, a traditional outfit worn by natives of Japan, and lightly based on the Hanfu, traditional clothing of the Han Chinese. The dress is made of dark blue silk patterned with pale blue, pink, white, and teal flowers and butterflies. The apron has no pockets, and is edged with a Chinese blue pattern and embroidered with the astronomical signs of Uranus and Pluto.

The edges of the collar fold over one another in a kimono-like manner and is edged in ruffles. The silk is said to be made of Caterpillar's very own silk. Alice's Omega necklace is made out of green jade, and she wears pink-and-white striped arm warmers in addition to her usual tights and boots.

Hollow Yves[]

The bow is extremely similar to that of the original Hollow Yves design with some minor differences. The bow was differently tied and was much larger due to the fact that the bow was based on an obi musubi (a kimono obi knot) specifically a bunko musubi. The Hollow Yves skull took a green color palette while the bow itself consisted of two shades of pink due to it being made up of two obi sashes, and had two bows instead of one. The sash was tied with two obijime cords in blue and teal/green. The face of the Hollow Yves was similar to an Oni mask rather than a skull.


  • The dress was once criticized for "cultural appropriation".[2] American McGee talks about his differing views on cultural appropriation regarding the dress. His argument is that the dress is meant to be about appreciating, celebrating, and sharing another culture and can be seen as a sign of respect to it, rather than oppressing it, and that those offended by cultural sharing should take a look at themselves for assuming the worst of the intentions of others.[3] Simultaneously, the "only a person of ______ (ethnicity) are allowed to ______ (wear this clothing, eat this food, etc)" mentality can be seen as exclusionist and racist. Many people, regardless of ethnicity, adore the dress. Both Asian and Caucasian women have cosplayed it.
  • Similar to the Steamdress, it is based around the domain which is ruled by the Caterpillar, but is not based on his appearance. The actual dress is the DLC dress, the Caterpillar.
  • It is possible that the style of the Silk Maiden is based on the appearance of Wa Lolita dresses, while the sleeves are based on the Qi Lolita, although, this may be a coincidence due to the fact that the level is based upon several Asian aspects and needed a similar dress to go with it, and Lolita fashion is already based on British Victorian fashion similar to Alice's Classic dress.


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