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Shrinking Violet

A Shrinking Violet.

Where Shrinking Violets grow, there's more to be seen.
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Shrinking Violets, also known as Shrink Flowers,[1] are purple blossoms that grant healing abilities in different quantities depending on the dress.


When Alice is in her normal size, they are simply flowers growing on the ground. However, should Alice switch to Shrink Sense while standing on the flower, the flower's petals will gather around and over Alice where she can recover her health for as long as she needs to.

The only way for her to break away from the smell of the stigma of the blossom is to return to her normal size. This eliminates the violet, but usually earns two Teeth from the flower. While it seems to offer some kind of shelter, Alice is still vulnerable from enemy attacks unless she uses the Clockwork Bomb as a distraction beforehand.


  • Both the Late but Lucky and Classic dresses have the in-game effect of regenerating Roses at the rate of Shrinking Violets (passively and while shrunken, respectively).
  • There are usually hidden paths around the area when there are Shrinking Violets present.
  • The phrase "shrinking violet" refers to someone that is very shy and reclusive.[2] It could refer to how Alice is rather shy, reclusive and lonesome. Alice hides in these flowers which regenerate her health, which could be a metaphor for how Alice wanting to get away from people often makes her feel better. Alice may have also heard people call her a shrinking violet as a child and took the phrase literally in her mind.