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Shrink Sense

Shrink Sense in effect.

Lost? Shrinking may reveal the way.
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Shrink Sense is an ability that makes Alice Liddell see hidden platforms, paths, hints, or Pig Snouts that were not visible while in her normal size. However, wearing the Caterpillar dress automatically makes them visible and removes the need to shrink down in size.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After Alice arrived in the Vale of Tears, she found an area where a large bottle of Drink Me potion was located. The liquid in the bottle continuously flowed out and formed a pool of water below. She took a dip into the pool, under the orders of Cheshire Cat, and was able to acquire the ability to shrink at will.[1]


When Alice is shrunken down, she can see things that are once not visible beforehand such as graffiti, weapons, enemies, and Pig Snouts. It gives clues to items, keyholes, weapons, and enemies to be encountered. Shrink Sense can also be used to see platforms that are previously invisible. It can be activated at anytime.

Shrinking can also be used in combat. When Alice is being grabbed by certain enemies, shrinking can help her escape.


  • When Alice uses the Shrink Sense, the world turns a shade of lavender, and she begins to hiccup at random intervals. When she does this, a small cluster of purple bubbles appears.
  • It is unknown who is responsible for the graffiti; it is theorized to be Cat or the Insane Children, but this has not been confirmed.


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