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Shipwreck Shark
Shipwreck Shark
First appearance Tundraful
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Body slam
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Shipwreck Sharks are menacing creatures seen in Tundraful and Deluded Depths. They are large sharks made of discarded wood and have a constant hunger for it. They found the Mock Turtle's very own ship, the HMS Gryphon, as if it were a chunk of meat for ordinary sharks. They can only be destroyed with the ship's own arsenal.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

The Shipwreck Sharks were circling around the end of Tundraful where Mock Turtle and the HMS Gryphon were located. After Turtle quickly told Alice to get inside the bottle, the Sharks wasted no time and rammed it, forcing the ship to dive underwater before the bottle completely shattered.[1]

With Turtle unable to do anything, Alice was forced to take control of the cannons and fend off the Sharks. Along the way, a Shark was able to graze the ship, setting it off course and crashing into various rocks through Deluded Depths.[2]


The Sharks vary in size but are large enough to take down the HMS Gryphon single-handedly. They have a similar design to most of the other creatures found in Tundraful and Deluded Depths. Their eyes are an orange color and glow, and they have a cross through each of their eyes.

They have fairly large, thin, pointy teeth that are unevenly spaced out. Their body, although made of wood, show no signs of muscle nor innards or organs anywhere. The wood is simply shaped to look like a Shark's spine and ribcage. There are two flags torn in half on their spine, which show the symbol of the common black pirate flag: a white skull and cross bones. Their fins also bear a similarity to sails.


  • Like most creatures in Chapter 2, the Shipwreck Sharks simply represent death at sea. They are created from the remains of shipwreck as their name suggests, possibly meaning they represent ships that have been destroyed due to shark attacks. This is also backed up by the fact that these sharks still attempt to destroy ships constantly.
  • Their fins look extremely similar to the Hollow Yves bow design of the Steamdress that Alice wears. It also matches the caudal (tail) fin.


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