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Samurai Wasp Archer
Samurai Wasp Archer
First appearance

Oriental Grove


Alice: Madness Returns

Ranged attack


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Samurai Wasp Archers are ranged wasp enemies common in Oriental Grove. They are pesky warriors who attack by hovering in place with their wings and fire burning arrows.


Alice: Madness Returns

Alice arrived in Monastery Shelf Valley after going through the Scroll of Happy Times. While traveling through the valley, Samurai Wasp Archers appeared, along with the other wasp enemies, and attacked Alice.[1]


The Wasp Archers appearances are based on Japanese folklore and history. They are dressed in a fiendish red samurai armor and their face is particularly the most noticeable and uncolored place on their body. Their faces are covered by Oni masks and it is surrounded by a white, fluffy coat-like obstruction that appears at either sides of their face. They have several huge calligraphy brushes at their backs along with their arrows.


  • Arrows – The Wasp Archer will aim at Alice and shoot her with a flaming arrow.


Defeating them requires little effort. One well-aimed shot of the Teapot Cannon can kill it instantly, but sometimes the Wasp is not within range or it may miss. Alternatively, using the Pepper Grinder can kill it eventually.


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