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Samurai Wasp
Samurai Wasp
First appearance Oriental Grove
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Katana
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Samurai Wasps are expert duelists – time melee strikes carefully.
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Samurai Wasps are cruel, vindictive wasp enemies in Oriental Grove, who have mastered the art of the katana and laid waste to the villages and its locals.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After Alice shrunk down and arrived in Oriental Grove, traveling further led her to discover burning box houses and corpses of Origami Ants. Upon nearing the gate of the village, a Samurai Wasp flew down and started attacking her. Shortly after, more Wasps appeared and continued to attack Alice.[1]


Samurai Wasps wear yellow robes tied with a red rope and have a distinguishable yellow vertical line in the middle of their Oni masks. Their wings are a darker shade of yellow and they carry a katana as their weapon.


  • Katana – The Samurai Wasp will fly towards Alice in a slow manner and strike her with its katana.


The Wasps themselves are not particularly hard to defeat, but they are challenging in numbers and are one of the fastest enemies that can dodge attacks. To bypass these obstacles, the Clockwork Bomb can be used to distract the Wasp easily. At a distance, the Teapot Cannon can kill them fairly easily.

Another way to kill them is to explode the bomb before its time expires. This leaves them dazed, which Alice can use to lay heavy blows from the Hobby Horse. This breaks their main defense, the Oni Mask that conceals their wasp faces, and leaves them much more susceptible to defeat.



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