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Samurai Ink Wasp
Samurai Ink Wasp
Also known as Ink Wasp[1]
First appearance Oriental Grove
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Bite
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While not terribly clever, strong, or dangerous, there's a seemingly endless supply of soldiers available to support the Samurai's mayhem. They remind me of the Grubs. They're unpleasantly alike.
Alice Liddell

The Samurai Ink Wasp is a wasp enemy common in the Oriental Grove. Similar to Bolterflies, they also have hives in the form of stone tablets and their attack is in the form of latching onto Alice and biting her to drain a quarter of a Rose in her health. To prevent the Ink Wasps from spawning, Alice must destroy the stone tablets in the area.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

While traveling through Monastery Shelf Valley, Alice found stone tablets with a Chinese character "蝗" written on them. When she came close to the tablet, black ink rose out of the Chinese character in the form of a wasp and attacked her.[2]


The Ink Wasp is made of black ink and takes the shape of a wasp. They spawn from a stone tablet with the Chinese character "蝗" (locust) written on it.


  • Biting – The Samurai Ink Wasp latches onto Alice to stop her from attacking and drains her health per bite if not shaken off immediately.


When a Samurai Ink Wasp grabs Alice, she can escape its hold by either dodging or shrinking. An Ink Wasp can be easily killed with the Teapot Cannon from a distance, while the Vorpal Blade and the Hobby Horse work well in close-range. The stone tablet can be destroyed with the Hobby Horse, or Teapot Cannon.


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