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Ruin enemies concept art
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series Alice: Madness Returns
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Ugly, gross and evil in a single monstrosity!
Alice Liddell upon meeting an Insidious Ruin[1]

The Ruin are a species of creature that existed when Dr. Angus Bumby corrupted Alice Liddell's mind and signaled the arrival of the Dollmaker. These are a creation of the Dollmaker and come from a black, oil–like substance, also referred to as "ruin," that is spread across Wonderland by the Infernal Train. This substance is acidic to the touch and forms the main bodies of most Ruin monsters. The rest are made of doll parts, the Ruin's weak spot, and steam–powered machinery (reminiscent of the Infernal Train itself). In combat, Ruin creatures usually attack with physical moves – although a few have ranged capabilities – and are often associated with fire, either as part of their attacks or as a warning before they strike.

The Ruin's main purpose is to try and stop Alice Liddell from saving Wonderland, and sometimes mounds of Ruin will block doorways, buttons, or other important items. However, killing all the Ruin creatures in the vicinity will cause the Ruin–covered items to dry out and become brittle, allowing Alice to smash it off with her Hobby Horse or Teapot Cannon.

Types of Ruin[]

  • Colossal Ruin – The strongest Ruin creature in the game and it resembles a massive worm with stumpy legs at its base and many doll heads dotted around its body. Although rarely fought against, it has various of deadly attacks that can harm Alice.
  • Drifting Ruin – A small, jellyfish–like creature with the ability to float. It can shoot pieces of Ruin at Alice that harden into spikes on contact with the ground. It can conceal its vulnerable doll head in its round body, but must reveal its face before launching an attack.
  • Insidious Ruin – A hunchbacked creature with two arms, four spindly legs, a doll's head for a face and a small motor in its back. It is about the same size as Alice and is one of the most common type of Ruin. This type will attack Alice head on, but the flames shooting from its back give Alice plenty of warning time.
  • Menacing Ruin – A large creature similar to Insidious Ruin, but far more intimidating. It has three doll heads on its "face" and three arms–one large Ruin arm and two smaller doll arms near its faces. In addition to its basic swipes, the Menacing Ruin can run over Alice, create powerful shockwaves, or throw balls of burning Ruin at her.
  • Slithering Ruin – A small, weak, leech–like creature that will die in one hit, but tends to attack in large groups or jump from boxes. It is the only Ruin to lack doll parts or mechanical components.


Spirited Away

No-Face in Spirited Away.


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