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Alice's health.

Alice's health are represented by a bouquet of roses, so pick them up to replenish her health.
— Game Manual[1]

Roses are the representation of Alice Liddell's health. The number of the Roses corresponds to how much health she currently has, and if her health drops to one Rose left, Hysteria becomes available and she is rendered invincible for a short amount of time.

Restoration methods[]

Types of Rose[]

Small Rose · Huge Rose
  • Small Rose – Replenishes a quarter of a Rose.
  • Huge Rose – Fully replenishes a Rose.

"Paint the Rose Red"[]

Paint the Rose Red

Paint the Roses red challenge.

Alice's health can be extended by completing missions in hidden Radula Rooms around Wonderland. When a mission is completed, or a trivia question is answered correctly, a jar of red paint is supplied and paints a quarter of the Rose on the in-game menu red. Once all four sections are filled, a new Rose is added to Alice's life.


Certain dresses affect Alice's health and her ability to collect Roses.

  • Hattress prevents Alice from losing Roses, and instead has to lose Teeth.
  • Classic and Late but Lucky let Alice gradually regenerate her health Roses.
  • Royal Suit limits Alice's bouquet of Roses to four.
  • Steamdress raises the number of Roses and teeth in breakable items.
  • Siren doubles the number of Roses dropped by enemies.
  • Cheshire has a negative effect: enemies do not drop any Roses.


  • When using the Knightmare, each successful hit will regenerate a quarter of a Rose in Alice's health.
  • The Roses may be a reference or inspired by the Piece of Heart in the Zelda series, wherein collecting four pieces will add another heart.


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