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Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones - Alice
Location Western hemisphere
First appearance Wonderland Woods
Series American McGee's Alice
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Wonderland Woods map
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Previous Herbaceous Border
Next Icy Reception
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Rolling Stones was the third section of Wonderland Woods. It took place underground when the Ladybug army pushed a large marble down the hole that Alice was in. It lead to Alice running for her life in an attempt not to get squished.


American McGee's Alice[]

As Alice came down into the hole, the Ladybugs gently carried a large marble into the hole. They then dropped it, which then rolled its way down the holes path, chasing Alice. She ran through the tunnel and found a Steam Vent to ride. She then ran down to an icy area, where upon contact with the marble, smashed into millions of pieces. Some pieces remained stable and whole even after the smash while some fell into a dark abyss. After Alice passed it, she was led to a cavern and into Icy Reception.


Rolling Stones - Spine

The skeleton of an unknown dead beast.

The area was very rocky and dirty as it was underground. The area began as a spiral and eventually developed into platforms where Alice must use Steam Vents to navigate the pathways. As she came towards the end, Alice ran down the spine of a skeleton from an unnamed dead beast. The ice towards the end was a thick blue, but broke very easily.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Ladybug


  • In the Spanish edition of the game, the name of the level is "Canto Rodado", which literally translates to "Boulder".
  • In the demo, the first Grasshopper Tea can be found here, but is not present in the actual game. This may have just been to introduce the feature without giving up too much of the game prior to release, however.