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Red Queen
Red Queen chastises Alice
Biographical information
Alias Red Chess Queen
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Personal information
Allies Red chess pieces
Enemies Alice Liddell
Occupation Monarch
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The Red Queen is a character from Through the Looking-Glass. She is currently unseen in Alice Liddell's visits to Wonderland after the Fire.

However, as the Queen of Hearts is inexplicably often referred to as the Red Queen in American McGee's Alice, it is possible that the Red Queen merged with the Queen of Hearts, which may be explained in Alice: Asylum.


Through the Looking-Glass[]

When Alice ventured in the Garden of Live Flowers, they commented they had seen another Little Girl but this one was "thornier" than Alice, and that she moved very fast. The Red Queen showed Alice that Looking-Glass Land was a land that strongly resembled a chess board, and if she can get to the other side, Alice could become a Queen.

White and Red Queens arguing

The White Queen and the Red Queen in a debate.

When Alice had indeed became a Queen, she and the White Queen asked Alice questions that defied logic and after a long time of this nonsensical debate, they both drifted asleep. Alice arrived at a dinner party in her honor, and when it became wild, Alice shook the Red Queen "into a kitten" where it turned out the Queen had been Dinah's dark offspring, Kitty.

American McGee's Alice[]

The Red Queen herself made no specific appearance, but she and the Queen of Hearts may had been merged into one entity. The White King himself claimed that the Red chess pieces were under the Queen's command, despite the Red King being the one who had the White Queen beheaded and who Alice fought, supporting the fact that she may be part of the Queen of Hearts.


Sacrifice Your Queen

Concept art for Asylum.

  • Concept art for Asylum depicts the Red King holding the Red Queen's corpse in the middle of a chess battle.

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