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Red Pawn
Red Pawn
First appearance Pale Realm
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Headbutt
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The Red Pawns were the red counterparts to the White Pawns. They cannot move quickly, and due to lack of legs, tend to hop around to attack Alice.


American McGee's Alice[]

After turning into a White Bishop in the Pale Realm, Alice navigated her way through the Market Courtyard until she reached the stairs. Upon returning to her human form, she went to another courtyard and saw a Red Knight with two Red Pawns.[1]


They were red in color with marble texture and the smallest of the chess pieces. They had a round head with only one eye and a mouth. They lacked noses and had two small arms on their body.


  • Headbutting – Similar to the Red Rook, a Red Pawn can headbutt Alice in rapid succession, not paricularly troublesome on lower difficulties, but potentially dangerous on higher as it does a solid chunk of damage and can even knock Alice down, finishing her off quickly.


The best way of dealing with these small soldiers is to use ranged attacks like the Vorpal Blade and then Cards during the recovery time to conserve Will. If there is more than one Pawn nearby it is sufficiently economical to use a Jackbomb, being able to replenishish most of the used willpower.


  • The White and Red Pawns and the Red King were the only chess pieces who never made an appearance in Alice: Madness Returns.