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Red Knight

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American McGee's Alice
Alice: Madness Returns (minor)

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The Red Knights were soldiers of the Red chess army. They served the Red King and the Queen of Hearts and were capable of moving in an L-shaped manner.

When Alice met the remaining Red Knights in the Chess Rooms of the Heart Palace, they were limited to a linear and single square movement.[1][2]


Through the Looking-Glass

One Red Knight comes across Alice while riding through a wood at the start of Chapter Eight. He attempts to capture her for the Red side, but then the White Knight suddenly appears and exclaims that he has rescued her. They decide to fight over her, in the manner according to Looking Glass Land's bizarre "Rules of Battle." Among these rules are: (1) "if one Knight hits the other, he knocks him off his horse, and if he misses, he tumbles off himself," (2) both combatants must "hold their clubs with their arms, as if they were Punch and Judy," and (3) both combatants must always fall on their heads. The contests ends when both knights fall from their horses and the White is inexplicably decided the victor. They shake hands and then the Red mounts and gallops away.

American McGee's Alice

After turning into a White Bishop in the Pale Realm, Alice navigated her way through the Market Courtyard until she reached the stairs. Upon returning to her human form, she went to another courtyard and saw a Red Knight with two Red Pawns.[3]

Alice: Madness Returns

Other Red Knights appeared as decaying statues in the courtyard of the entrance to the Heart Palace[4] and in the Majestic Maze.[5] Their deaths were not shown, however, and the remaining Red Knights that were still alive were in the Chess Rooms in the Waste Wing part of the castle.[1][2]


American McGee's Alice

The Red Knights were depicted as regular knight chess pieces. They had a horse's head upon a human-like torso. Their skin was a flame-like red while some of it was shielded by silver armor, specifically the forehead, nose, most of the torso and back. Their legs were replaced by a silver stump, which was in the shape of a typical chess base, and their eyes were blank and white. The Knights also wielded a shield with a dragon-like figure on it in their right hand, and a thin, tall silver sword in the other.

Alice: Madness Returns

The Red Knights were fully red from their mane to their stump and garbed with upper body knight armor, and only possessed a sword for their attack.


  • Swipe – The Knight will swing its sword at Alice violently.


The Red Knight is a low-trouble enemy which can be avoided at times due to its slow speed. The Red Knight is particularly vulnerable to recently acquired weapons of the area such as Ice Wand, which quickly created a skilled barrier between the Knight and Alice. The Knight has no long-ranged attacks, therefore long-ranged weapons are suitable for their disposal.


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