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Red Bishop

Red Bishop

Decayed Red Bishop

First appearance

Pale Realm [AMA]
Queensland [AMR]


American McGee's Alice
Alice: Madness Returns (minor)

Melee attack

Staff, Headbutt

Ranged attack


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The Red Bishops were very strong and showed no mercy to Alice Liddell. They caused trouble for her by eliminating White chess pieces and similar to the White Bishops, their attacks consisted of hitting enemies with their staffs while also using magic to shoot laser beams from them. They were capable of moving diagonally on the chess board.


American McGee's Alice

Alice encountered the Red Bishops after going outside the second floor of a building in Pale Realm.[1]

Alice: Madness Returns

The Red Bishops appeared as decaying statues in the courtyard of the entrance of the Heart Palace,[2] and in the Majestic Maze.[3]


American McGee's Alice

The Red Bishops wore a red cassock with two black stripes at the cuffs and red mitre with a black design along its center and bottom part. They wield a black curved staff for their attacks.

Alice: Madness Returns

The decayed statues of the Red Bishops were shown to wear a red dalmatic and different red mitre, and have a red pointed staff.


  • Headbutt – The Red Bishops headbutt their enemies.
  • Laser attack – Red Bishops use their staffs to shoot with lasers.
  • Staff – The Red Bishops use their staff when attacking.


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